• Not a Villain: Joaquin Phoenix DOESN’T Act Like the ‘Joker’ in a Recent Auto Mishap

    Surge Summary: Hollywood star Joaquin Phoenix recently performed an admirable deed, seeking out the drivers of a vehicle he accidentally hit and taking responsibility.

    Method actors famously, sometimes disturbingly, become their character, even off-camera, during the filming of a movie. In the case of Joaquin Phoenix, now starring in the blockbuster Joker, we can be assured any evidence of that technique apparently didn’t continue in his life after that film’s production wrapped.

    Julius Young/Fox News tells us Joaquin Phoenix hit a parked vehicle then went beyond basic requirements of just leaving a note.  He tracked down the driver so that he could personally ‘fess up to his mistake.

    The “Joker” star, 44, reportedly ran his Tesla into the bumper of an unoccupied Los Angeles County Fire Department truck on Tuesday [October 8] afternoon in West Hollywood, according to TMZ.

    Phoenix apparently misjudged a right turn he was making and clipped the rear-end of the truck. It was what the “Her” actor did afterward, however, that for some is restoring faith in humanity.

    Suffice it to say, the actor’s response was strikingly unJoker-like: He pulled over, located the missing paramedics who were busy with a call and explained the situation to them. Police officers arrived at the scene and Phoenix supplied insurance information before a damage report was taken.

    Although Phoenix was not cited in the incident, the outlet said the Tesla he was driving sustained the most damage – most of it to the vehicle’s right quarter panel. The emergency vehicle was largely unscathed and only had a minor scratch to the bumper.

    A good deed from a fellow currently playing a “bad guy”? That’s kinda awesome. Hopefully the former is the real Joaquin Phoenix – and the latter is just a role he’s adopted for a movie project. This recent incident suggests as much.

    H/T: Julius Young/Fox News

    Image: Adapted from: By aphrodite-in-nyc from new york city – P1080081, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47576423

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