• On Columbus Day: Resist the Nonsense! Celebrate the Accomplishments of a Great Explorer

    Surge Summary: The findings of a recent poll show most college students favor replacing Columbus Day with a more PC-friendly holiday – affirming anti-Columbus propaganda is having its deleterious effect on the American people.

    Chris Woodward, Billy Davis/OneNewsNow.com inform about a College Pulse poll of 1,500 students which found a commanding 79 percent support dropping famous Spanish “discoverer of America” Christopher Columbus in favor of “Indigenous People’s Day.” (Note: he was actually of Italian heritage, but conducted his era-shaping voyages to the “New World” under the auspices of the Spanish Monarchy.)

    In other words, two generations of jack-hammering anti-Columbus (and, more broadly, anti-Western Civilization) propaganda is doing it direst, having its corrosive effect on the knowledge and attitudes Americans.

    “I don’t think this poll is really that surprising when you consider what young people are being taught today in their classrooms,” Spencer Brown, representing Young America’s Foundation, told Fox & Friends First.

    For generations school children have learned about Columbus’s discovery of North America, and his three ships that sailed the ocean blue in 1492, but generations of college students have also been subjected to “progressive” professors who claim America was founded out of greed, skipping right past its religious foundation. Those same twisted history lessons, which criticize capitalism, our Founders and the West itself, also accuse Columbus and the settlers who followed him of committing horrendous violence against the native Indians.

    Columbus Day celebrates “colonialism, oppression, and injustice inflicted on Indigenous peoples,” the president of Navajo Nation said of the holiday, Newsweek reported in a story about the college poll.

    On a more encouraging note, however, the same Newsweek story revealed that not all students are buying the anti-historical gibberish their professor is promoting. Only a more restrained 22 percent of Republican students agreed with changing out the holidays (still, way too many) while – as you’d predict — 88 percent of Democrats on campus supported the notion

    Newsweek reports states that have opted to celebrate those aboriginal peoples who resided in this part of the world before the famed navigator arrived include South Dakota, New Mexico, and Vermont.

    Perhaps patriots and honest students of real history ought to resolve to avoid these states in whatever way possible on the renamed holiday and celebrate Columbus Day with a breakfast outing, family gathering or parade in one of those locales which hasn’t yet succumbed to this politically correct and informationally ignorant balderdash.

    Brown charges the poll numbers indicate

    students are not getting a “complete education” or the “full history” of historical figures such as Christopher Columbus.

    “And, I think, what we see,” he warned, “is just this ongoing push, you know, with cancel culture and other things, to sort of demonize western civilization and its founders.”

    Many thanks to Mr. Brown for spelling aloud his diagnosis but, frankly, that conclusion ought to have been obvious to anyone paying attention the last several decades. A concerted effort to undercut the events, truths, principles and values that helped fashion America into the world power it now is has been afoot in the academy and popular culture for quite a long time now.

    [Brown] also predicted the twisting of U.S. history will continue, and worsen, until enough people stand up and force it to change.

    So … sensible Americans, time to heed the call this Columbus Day and thereafter. What’s holding you back from saying. “Enough is Enough!”? — acknowledging whatever shortcomings Christopher Columbus and those who followed him in writing America’s “story”; but also heralding the beneficial contributions he and they made which helped make this nation what it is today.

    “Indigenous People’s Day”? Sure, go for it! But not on the second Monday in October. And decidedly not as a replacement for the holiday honoring a great and significant man who changed the world in 1492.

    H/T: Chris Woodward, Billy Davis/OneNewsNow.com

    Image: Adapted from: Kenneth C. Zirkel – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.

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