• Pigskin Pundits’ Picks: NFL Games, Week #5

    Surge Summary: Game picks for NFL/Week 5. Week 4 held some shocking outcomes. Will #5 continue the pattern?

    Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, NFL Week 5

    I had almost as bad a week as the Bengals or Jay Gruden!  With a grand total of only three AFC teams with winning records, it is a brutal season to prognosticate.  Did anyone see Cleveland waking up from their stupor and whomping the runaway train that is Baltimore?  Who predicted that Shameless Jameis Winston would hang 4 tds and 55 pts of offense on the Rams in their own house?  Why can’t the talented Falcons learn to fly?  I was beaten like a rug this week at 7-8, and stand at 35-28 for the season.  Here are the picks.

    Rams at Seahawks – McVay needs to fully utilize Gurley while he is in his prime.  This would be a good place to start….but my gut tells me no.  Seahawks batter Rams.

    Jets at Eagles – Two green teams with wings.  One can fly, the other can’t.  Jets crash and burn in Philly.

    Falcons at Texans – Two teams seeking their identity.  Texans were going to play great D – nope.  Ryan to Jones was going to become a legendary combo – nope.  Give the homeboys the edge here, as the Texans Blank Arthur’s flightless Falcs.

    Bills at Titans – The Bills’ defense will maul and stifle many opponents this season.  If not for Allen’s persistent bad judgement calls, they would be even more formidable.  Vrabel will have his squad prepped for a low-scoring win.  Titans brighten their prospects with home win.

    Jags at Panthers – Somewhere in a bar, Nick Foles and Cam Newton are having a consolation beer and wondering where their futures went.  We actually WANT to see Minshew vs. Allen, as they have energized their respective teams.  In this battle of big cats, I’m going with Fournette’s Jags over McCaffiene’s Panthers.

    Cardinals at Bengals – Another two winless bums slugging it out in the gutter over their first victory.  Horrible look for the premier sport in America.  Cincy is a broken team, so I’m picking Phoenix to rise from the ashes and stifle the Rifle.

    Vikings at Giants – Minnesota picked a bad time for the wheels to fall off their offense, but Diggs wants out & Cou$in$ is a bust.  NY is amped about their shiny new toy under center, so look for Blue to punish Purple at home.

    Buccaneers at Saints – Sinners meet the Saints in church…Winston put on quite a show last week in LA, but I believe the Saints are more righteous.  Bucs will become believers, too.  N’awlins protects Payton’s Place.

    Ravens at Steelers – Steelers will be better at stopping Baltimore’s running game than the Ravens will at stopping Conner & Company.  Rudolph is proving to be better than serviceable each week in Big Ben’s office.  Steelers stultify Ravens.

    Patriots at Redskins – Brother Tom’s Traveling Salvation Show rolls into DC, and it’ll be a genuine miracle if Jay Gruden has a job Monday morning.  Can I get an amen?!

    Bears at Raiders – In London, Gruden will run Josh Jacobs at Khalil Mack Truck to keep him out of Derek Carr’s personal space, but Chucky’s porous defense will Chase Daniels around the soccer pitch while he connects downfield.  Chicago rules in Britannia.

    Broncos at Chargers – Mel Gordon returns this week, fresh and dangerous, to a team needing a win.  The Broncs are playing for identity….not as urgent.  Phillip throws Rivers of passes to the receivers his improved running game opens up.  Chargers zap the Ponies.

    Packers at Cowboys – Game of the week here!  Hard-nosed NFC warfare in the heart of Texas.  This one is tough to call, as I see these teams as nearly even.  Elliott’s Cowboys send Green Bay packing.

    Colts at Chiefs – Not this week.  Love what Reich is doing with the Ponies, but KC is going to retain their unbeaten streak another week.  Chiefs bring no relief to Indy’s grief.

    Browns at Niners – Cleveland gave their fans a thrill with last week’s win over the Ravens, but the 3-0 Niners just had a week off and their diverse run attack combined with a solid defense should keep them undefeated another week.  Niners are finer.

    Enjoy the games!

    -Pigskin Pundit (Nate Clark)

    These views are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: Adapted from: Paul Cutler from Chaska, USA – IMG_0954.JPG, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3441226

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