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    Surge Summary: With last week posing a return to semi-normalcy in the National Football League, will week 7’s games provide more of the same — or do surprises wait? Only one way to find out: tune in. Meanwhile, Pigskin Pundit posts his picks … 

    Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, Week 7

    What do you know, a return to relative normalcy in the league this past week, with a couple notable exceptions and another black eye for the refereeing corps (not unusual).  The outliers included The Kissing Bandit leading the Jets to victory over the vaunted Cowboys, Kirk ‘Kissing’ Cousins discovering player #14 on his offense and tossing him a few throws, and the league’s black eye of the week was two horrendous phantom face-masking calls on MNF against Detroit pass rusher Trey Flowers, one of them deciding the outcome of a very tight game Detroit was leading with 1:17 left in regulation.  Replay verifies Flowers played it clean both times.  Ref miscues deciding game outcomes is a big problem, and it’s not going away any time soon.  Green Bay did not deserve a victory in that ugly kicker’s duel.  Let’s hope this week is better.  Here are the picks.

    Chiefs at Broncos – This would have been a laugher 3 weeks ago, but Andy Reid knows a win in Denver suddenly looms large in keeping his team on track to the playoffs.  KC’s defense has been exposed, putting more pressure on young Patrick to extract points from stingy defenses like Houston, Indy and now, Denver.  The Chiefs are better, but Denver’s offense is getting Sanders back.  I’ll ride the Ponies this week to beat KC.

    Rams at Falcons – The LA Ramseys just upgraded on D again, so this should take some pressure off Goff and the offense.  The Falcons are in complete implode mode, which I still don’t understand considering their Belichick tree pedigrees in the front office.  Jalen rams home a victory to celebrate his new colors.

    Dolphins at Bills – Fitzmagic returns to the lineup and returns to face his old team….and the Dolphins return to Miami winless another week.  Many happy returns, Buffalo.

    Jaguars at Bengals – Since draft picks don’t win football games, it’s tough to pick this one.  I give a slight edge to Jacksonville, who needs to prove to themselves they can win without Ramsey’s lockdowns.  In this catfight, I’ll take spots over stripes when the fur flies.

    Vikings at Lions – Both these teams looked good last week, although Matt Prater was more of Detroit’s offense than Matt Stafford.  That won’t fly against the Purple Point Producers, who should outscrap the Patrician Lions.  Norsemen numb the Nubians.

    Raiders at Packers – The Raiders don’t seem to be the Faders this season, with Jacobs hauling the rock and the O-line giving Carr time to toss.  That said, the Pack knows they stunk the house out with dropped passes Monday night, and if half of those drops are caught this week, Mason Crosby will be standing PAT and not needed as heavy artillery.  Cheese puts the squeeze on Oakland.

    Texans at Colts – Houston and Indy share the same strengths (3rd down conversions) and weaknesses (stopping the run, 3rd downs).  Both have recently defeated the Chiefs, and Indy is rested from a week off.  Marlin Mack truck is hard to corral, but DeSean Watson is maturing into a top-ten QB.  Horsemen over the Hoosier Horseshoes.

    Cardinals at Giants – Arizona brings Murrayball to Gotham, to face Danny Boy.  If Barkley plays (likely), then the Cards should fall NY’s way.  Engram is back as well, so young Jones has more of his tools to work with.  The Giants are reliant…this week.

    Niners at Redskins – Niners are finer than the Shredskins.  Period.

    Chargers at Titans – This Bolts team keeps blowing a fuse in games they should win.  The Titans gave the starting QB job to Dyin’ Ryan Tannehill.  In Week 1 I said this is Mariota’s ‘prove it or move it’ season, and we have our answer.  I don’t think he will ever be more than a backup again.  I have to go with the Titans D as the determining factor this week.  Phillip cries Rivers of tears, as Lynn goes without a win agin.

    Saints at Bears – A stout defense is NOT enough to keep the Saints from marching in, as Jacksonville found out last week.  Even with Trubisky under center, DahBears haven’t gotten out of dah woods in producing dah points dis year.  New Orleans is better on both sides of the ball.  It’s Bear season in Chicago.

    Ravens at Seahawks – Action Jackson’s mobility will cause problems for Seattle. Russell Wilson’s ingenuity will cause problems for Baltimore.  These two teams are more similar than different.  Ravens’ addition of Marcus Peters to compliment Marlon Humphrey in the secondary could be the difference in this game.  Blackbirds singe the Seahawks.

    Eagles at Cowboys – Division matchup, even records, somebody needs to break out and retake the initiative.  Both coming off stinging losses, what else do you want on Sunday Night Football!  Ball control should determine the winner in this grinder, and Dallas will probably do that better than Philly.  America’s team dings the Liberty Bells.

    Patriots at Jets – Pats return to face a different Jets team than the one they vanquished a month back…a Jets team that just snuffed the Cowboys last week.  I like the Pats this week, but this has ‘trap game’ written all over it, and I expect the Jets to be fired up and damned scrappy.  The Patriots are going to have to establish a run game in order to avoid overworking their thin receiver corps.  New England’s defense scores necessary points to cool the Jets.

    Enjoy the games!

    Pigskin Pundit (Nate Clark)

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