• ‘Political’ or Not: Just Speak Up for What is Right — Just Do It!

    Surge Summary: An outspoken author affirms: Yes! Christians need to speak up concerning the truth, even it touches on politics. Biblical truth and reality require it.

    In a reminder that ought to be filed under the “This is controversial?” label, an author and commentator encourages Christians to speak up concerning the truth, even if the accusation is that it’s “too political.”

    Over at One News Now, Chad Woodward reports:

    Pointing out that his stance boasts a long and estimable pedigree, Dr. Everett Piper said the Church should reject the notion that topics such as life, gender, and childhood innocence are political. He was speaking on “The Hamilton Corner” on American Family Radio (AFR).

    “These aren’t political issues; these are reality issues. These are issues of biblical justice and biblical definitions and the protection of human beings and the dignity of women and justice for children and the defense of life,” said Piper. “If William Wilberforce would have accepted this argument that it’s too political to engage in the public arena for arguing against the abolition of the slave trade, then it would have been another 100 years before the British colonies would have abolished slavery.”

    In a similar vein, he brought out comparison with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “If Dr. King would have accepted the argument that ‘you’re too political,’ where would we be in the civil rights movement in the United States? These are not arguments that are too political,” he continued. “These are biblical arguments. And if Christians step out of the public arena by being silenced and pigeonholed with this false claim of ‘you’re being too political,’ then all is lost.”

    Not content that this admonition is just a nice idea, Piper said Christians have an obligation to get involved in the public square and fight for the concerns that are right, just, true, and real.

    “Surely we can agree that it’s not too political to defend children, to defend life, to defend women, and to defend all human beings as being created in the image of God and not allow culture to dumb us down as if we’re animals,” said Piper. “That is not too political.”

    The biblical language is being “salt and light” – wise individuals preserving what is good and healthy and preferable for a society; illuminating the right way to go and exposing the destructive path so it can be avoided.

    If people refuse to take up that mandate? What hope is there for a culture?

    Dr. Piper’s book is Not a Daycare: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth. He’s the former president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

    H/T: One News Now/Chad Woodward

    Image: Adapted from: OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay 

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