• Reality-Enforcer: In the Ongoing ‘Pronoun Wars’, a Brave Teacher Takes a Stand

    Surge Summary: A Florida teacher pushes back against demands from one of his students that he use “gender neutral” pronouns when addressing him – and, in a cheering twist, he hasn’t lost his job over it.

    As though current society doesn’t have enough with which to concern itself, the battle over pronouns continues. Yes, pronouns.

    And in the latest round of this clash? We can rejoice a blow for clear thinking has been struck.

    OneNewsNow.com‘s Bob Kellogg and Billy Davis bring us up to speed:

    A public-school math teacher who refused to identify a male student by “gender pronouns” has escaped serious punishment so far in the latest incident of an educator refusing to follow progressive, LGBT-friendly demands.

    The Blaze reports that Sandalwood High teacher Thomas Caggiano informed the student via email that he will “call you by any reasonable name you like but pronouns are not a negotiable thing with me.”

    On top of that, when asked for comment about the Florida incident, Pacific Justice Institute attorney Brad Dacus suggested to OneNewsNow a “very reasonable accommodation” would be referring to the student by name, forgoing use of pronouns towards him – err, sorry – altogether.

    Either of those options sounds like a fair deal, a compromise. You know, the kind of stuff that was once considered the helpful stuff of conflict settlement. Apparently, those kinds of solutions are no longer viable.

    In any case, a Jacksonville news outlet also reports the teacher, via email, told the student to “change classes” if the instructor’s choice is “not acceptable.”

    Sandalwood High is part of Duval County Public Schools. The school district policy requires that students and faculty address transgender students by “gender pronouns” that “make them comfortable” which include not only “he” and “she” but also “ze” and “zir” or “they” and “them.”

    Just to keep everyone on their toes, the website transstudent.org additionally advises those are not the only pronouns required by transgender students.  Truth told, there are allegedly an “infinite number of pronouns as new ones emerge in our language.”

    Infinite? Well, then …

    Caggiano has been “counseled” by school officials, who sided with the student [no surprise there!] and apologized, but so far the teacher has escaped suspension or termination over the incident.

    This isn’t the first instance of this kind of hub-bub:

    In 2018 Virginia high school teacher Peter Vlaming made national headlines when he was fired for insubordination for the similar “infraction” of refusing to call a ninth-grade student by male pronouns.

    “This is not tolerance,” he told reporters about his experience. “This is coercion.”

    Virginia’s public schools aren’t done, either: Students who returned to Arlington Public Schools will be subjected to gender-neutral bathrooms and locker rooms, a non-gender-specific dress code, and students being addressed by their preferred pronouns, Breitbart.com reported.

    So the gender-reality-denial virus spreads, presenting in a variety of head-scratching manifestations.

    A group called the Arlington Gender Identity Allies became involved, arriving at a school board meeting to push for the LGBT-friendly policies. On the other side, the Arlington Parent Coalition – let’s dub them the lucid-thinking contingent – showed up on behalf of girls demanding a right to be left alone from male presence in restrooms and locker rooms.

    Vlaming, the Virginia teacher, had also offered to refer to the female-to-male student by the student’s new proper name but the school rejected that compromise.

    Lawyer Dacus says the larger, more disturbing issue is that the public school authorities are “bowing the knee” to what he calls the “radical LGBTQ intolerant agenda,” which wants to coercively recruit people into speaking words that strengthen that agenda. Words, we’re reminded, bear weight, shape perception, frame society – for good or ill.

    A spokesman speaking on behalf of the school district’s superintendent, Dr. Diana Greene, said she believes that all people “have an experience of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, and we all deserve to feel comfortable expressing those identities,” The Blaze also reported.

    Has anyone put to Dr. Greene this question: What about those moms, dads, students who have an “experience of sexual” reality? Who feel uncomfortable expressing themselves in a way that forces them to deny that reality.

    Do they fit into this contretemps in any way other than to salute and say “I’m here to do your bidding” to the LGBTQ bullies?

    H/T: OneNewsNow.com‘s Bob Kellogg/Billy Davis



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