• There Is a Solution to America’s STD Crisis… Just Not a Popular One

    Surge Summary: An enormous problem with sexually transmitted diseases is overspreading America. The solution – self-control — may be old fashioned but it is proven and works every time. So why do the “experts” hardly ever mention it?

    In case you haven’t noticed, America has a sex problem – and I’m not just talking about the canoodling itself. There is a pandemic of sexually-transmitted diseases in the nation.

    OneNewsNow’s Charlie Butts informs:

    With the latest Centers for Disease Control figures showing the infection cases of three major sexually-transmitted diseases at an all-time high, a senior fellow for policy studies says the remedy is pretty simple.

    And yet, considering today’s cultural climate, pretty radical as well.

    The government cautions the high figures might be the result of better reporting, but the Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg believes the bigger lesson is that all of sophisticated society’s efforts to teach “safe sex” have foundered.

    “Every one of those 2.4 million people is a victim of the lies of the sexual revolution, which has told us for years that we can have sex without consequences,” Sprigg submits. “This epidemic of these STDs is one of the most serious of those consequences.”

    In many cases, Sprigg says sex education in schools contributes to the problem because it teaches intimacy is possible at no cost. It encourages promiscuity, which leads to STDs, pregnancy, and abortions, while abstinence is barely mentioned.

    In short, “Be sure your sin will find you out,” (Numbers 32:23) isn’t exactly a favorite motto of this generation’s free-and-easy-sex coalition. More like, “If it feels good, do it – just try to be careful.”

    He contends the problem can be remedied without paying a penny, as the solution is that people take individual responsibility and “simply change their behaviors.”

    It was once referred to as “self-control” – and used to be a coveted virtue. But in 2019? Gasp! Sexual self-control isn’t possible. Humans are merely a species of animal! Boys will be boys! Life without unending sex? What kind of existence is that? Teens are going to do it anyway! What are you, some kind of Puritan?! …

    Blah, blah, blah …

    Half-a-century of those kinds of exhausted, surrenderist, libidinous platitudes have brought us to the current straits.

    “It was disappointing that the CDC did not even mention sexual risk avoidance or abstinence until marriage and fidelity within marriage as being a behavioral solution,” Sprigg continues.

    CDC figures reveal a shocking 54 percent of the syphilis cases were the result of male same-sex behavior: men being intimate with men. Sprigg reminds us those relationships involve less than five percent of the population.

    There’s no debate: the most effective, most sure-fire solution to this plague is sexual restraint: monogamous, life-long, between man and woman. It’s rarely even mentioned because grown-ups have bought into and are now actively propagating the “if it feels good do it” falsehood.

    H/T: OneNewsNow/Charlie Butts

    Image by Bernd Marczak from Berlin from Pixabay 

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