• Turns Out Trump’s ‘Whistleblower’ Is a Democrat (!) — Anyone Surprised by This?

    Surge Summary: Another detail has emerged about the “whistleblower” whose charge has sparked calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment: it’s being reported, he/she is a Democrat. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. It is another reason to make sure the accusations are vetted with utmost objectivity. 

    The folks of The Polizette Staff update the “Impeach Trump” situation:

    It’s being reported the so-called whistleblower, whose complaint against President Donald Trump’s July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president launched this recent havoc, is a registered Democrat.

    Thursday afternoon, CNN’s Jake Tapper reported this information came courtesy of “a source familiar with the ongoing investigation”.

    This new detail shouldn’t really be much of a shock to those who’ve been following this story. An anti-Trump bent on the part of the complainant had already been suspected. This newest disclosure seems to strengthen that intuition.

    “The intelligence community’s inspector general, Michael Atkinson, acknowledged an indication of possible political bias in his assessment of the complaint but made clear that it did not change his overall conclusion that it appeared to be credible,” Tapper also noted.

    The CNN host, candidly, is correct: even if the “whistleblower” turns out to be a raving, Trump-deranged co-belligerent of Pelosi, Schumer and Co., that doesn’t automatically mean every accusation he/she is leveling is false.

    It does, however, raise another warning flag; and should certainly give pause to any hasty conclusions regarding the president’s culpability. This latest information — along with a mounting compilation of hinky particulars coming to light about Trump’s accusers — demands, more than ever, the claims be tested; scrutinized with absolute honestly and fairness.

    That’s not an easy requirement these days. The Never-Trump set largely exhibits a galling lack of objectivity whenever the subject of the president is raised. Too often on the other side of the divide, Republicans and conservatives are utterly unwilling to concede their man is capable of any shortcoming, any error, any misdeed, under any circumstance, ever.

    None of this is healthy for political discourse; or for the nation.

    “Trump, for his part, has always said the case was biased against him, writes Polizette.”

    Once more, no surprise. The president customarily dismisses any criticism of himself, reflexively and out-of-hand. His enemies too eagerly embrace every nasty or unflattering thing anyone unleashes against the Republican in the White House.

    Meanwhile, this freshest “whistleblower” revelation just came out late yesterday — and its impact is still bouncing around the media and political world.

    H/T: The Polizette Staff/Lifezette

    Image by bluebudgie from Pixabay 

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