• US Army Reaches Recruitment Goals — Maybe, Sort of — but Concerns Remain

    Surge Summary: The U.S. Army reached it’s recruitment goals this year. But a peek behind the actual numbers indicates shortfalls keeping the nation’s armed forces staffed at sufficient levels ought to remain a concern. 

    Good news/bad news time: The U.S. Army recently reached its recruitment goals; but that’s only after ratcheting them downward from last year. Plus, says one retired U.S. Army officer, a stubborn problem remains finding a sufficient allotment of fighting men/women among today’s millennial generation,

    The U.S. Army has announced it is on track to sign more than 68,000 active-duty soldiers for the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, crediting social media and online efforts for finding potential recruits [writes Chad Groening/OneNewsNow].

    Last year, the Army managed to attract 70,000 new recruits. Still, it missed its goal of 76,500 — low unemployment and tough competition from more lucrative civilian opportunities posing obstacles to those mustering efforts.

    Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Bob Maginnis, now at the Family Research Council, opines much of the millennial generation is not “pro-military”, an immediate challenge for America’s armed forces.

    “We’ve adjusted the numbers obviously so we make our goal,” he says of the Army. “But in a true national emergency, I’m not sure that given the moral issues, the lack of education, the out of physical condition of the millennial generation, that we have a reservoir of very capable talented and qualified people to draw from.”

    Meanwhile, admirably keeping a stiff upper lip, an Army spokesman has said the goal for the next couple years is to have modest growth and high-quality recruits.

    None of which negates the impression that decades of hydra-headed cultural erosion aimed at the Americans’ attitudes and lifestyles is taking an unsettling toll on the nation’s capacity to protect and secure itself. Our military forces need good people, capable personnel. If they can’t be found in adequate numbers …? Jiggering lower recruitment goals might cloak a gestating problem, but it’s hardly a solution for it.

    H/T: Chad Groening/OneNewsNow

    Image: Creative Commons; CC by 2.0; https://www.flickr.com/photos/soldiersmediacenter/3420650133

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