• Victory! Hong Kong Protesters Gain Major Concession from Chinese Bullies

    Surge Summary: After months of protest, Hong Kongers have succeeded in forcing their government and its Chinese overseers to back down in the matter of a liberty-imperiling “extradition bill”. What further achievements might await their efforts?

    Now, was that really so difficult?

    National Review’s Mairead McArdle reports: Wednesday, Hong Kong’s government officially removed the extradition bill that has ignited over four months of violent pro-democracy protests.

    Addressing the Chinese territory’s legislature, Secretary for Security John Lee announced, “I formally announce the withdrawal of the bill.” He cited “conflicts in society” as a reason for the decision.

    Hong Kong has been roiled by protests throughout the summer, originally sparked by outrage over the extradition law, which Hong Kong residents say would allow Chinese authorities to effectively “kidnap” them with little evidence of criminality.

    However, the concern over the law has ballooned into fear that China plans to throw out its “One Country, Two Systems” policy regarding Hong Kong — and the withdrawal of the bill is unlikely to curb the protests.

    China – as is the wont of ruthless tyrannies — has threatened a “severe” response to the protesters whom they have accused of terrorism.

    Then again, it could merely be the case of a people longing for liberty, defying the bullying of a godless regime and pushing back against impending despotism – and, as of Wednesday, at least, being rewarded for it.

    Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam pledged last month that the offending extradition bill would be pulled back. Accordingly …

    The protesters have since made several other broader demands including enhanced democracy for Hong Kong, an independent investigation into police conduct, and amnesty for protesters who have been arrested.

    Their efforts, thus far, have yielded the gratifying nullification of the extradition bill. Who knows what the future might reveal regarding additional victories against an oppressive government. I’m guessing this band of redoubtable dissenters are not in a mood to back down anytime soon.

    H/T: National Review/Mairead McArdle

    Image: Adapted from: https://www.pressenza.com/2019/09/western-media-portrays-hong-kong-hooligans-as-heroes-but-are-they/

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