• Yep, It Happened: Muslim Drivers Save Christians From Islamist Attacks

    Surge Summary: In two recent events, Muslim vehicle drivers saved their passengers from likely murderous treatment from the Islamic terror group al-Shabaab — giving hope to many that other Muslims might stand up and reject Islamist violence and destruction. 

    For the clear-eyed spectator, there can be little doubt that radical Islam is a weighty problem in the world today – and the tenets of Islam itself pose a problem for an open and democratic society.

    Still, not every Muslim is a terrorist – thank God – and many simply refuse to be a part of that hideous, oppressive culture.

    A pair of recent events out of Muslim-heavy Africa, reported by Faithwire’s Will Maule, confirm this pleasing fact:

    A Muslim driver boldly defied the commands of an Islamist militant group, likely saving the lives of eight Christian workers. In the South Kenyan city of Mandera, a group of al-Shabaab fighters flagged down workers as they left a hospital building site. But instead of stopping his vehicle carrying the aforementioned Christians, the Muslim driver sped off, evading the murderous jihadis.

    A senior police official in the area told religious persecution watchdog, International Christian Concern, that officers became aware of the attempted attack and dispatched personnel to the area, meeting the car about four miles beyond the Al-Shabaab roadblock.

    “We applaud Mr. Hassan Abdul for his [bravery] in escaping from the trap of the Somali insurgents and saving the lives of the eight innocent men,” the official explained.

    One of the survivors, Simon Kiiru, described the incident to ICC as “a traumatizing moment that should not be wished upon anybody regardless of their tribe or religion,” noting that the gunmen opened fire on the vehicle as they sped away.

    “As soon as we had bypassed the attackers, they started running after us while spraying bullets on the van and deflating one of the tires,” he said. “We lied on the floor and we could hear bullets hitting the body of the van. We thank God that the driver, who is a Muslim, did not stop to sacrifice us to the enemy. His act of love has touched our hearts in a way we shall never forget.”

    For the record, this is not the first time an incident like this has occurred.

    A Muslim bus driver carrying over forty passengers in August of this year, most of whom were Christians, dodged an al-Shabaab ambush while driving to the capital, Nairobi.

     “It is incidents like these that bring hope,” said ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Nathan Johnson of the latest attack. “It shows that no matter what ethnicity or religion, there are those who are willing to risk their lives to save others. The driver should be lauded for his bravery, and others should work to emulate his example.”

    “It is through acts like this that terrorism can be defeated. Please pray for safety, peace, and security in Mandera.”

    For those doubting the intensity of the threat faced by the followers of Jesus in both of these incidents, this past January al-Shabaab shot dead 21 people at Nairobi’s DusitD2 hotel and office complex. Among the fatalities was American tech CEO Jason Spindler who was a 9/11 survivor.

    The group claimed the attack was committed in response to President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    So, militant Islam a troubling issue for the planet? Blaring headlines and news accounts affirm that indictment, regrettably, on a regular basis. But in these two cases, it was Muslims, in part, who provided a solution.

    For that, gratefulness is in order, toward them and toward the God who doesn’t want His followers to massacre those who disagree with them.

    H/G: Faithwire/Will Maule

    Image: al-Shabaab logo; adapted from: http://jihadintel.meforum.org/group/36/al-shabaab, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28742503

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