• 19-Year-Old Regrets Having Disfiguring Medical Procedure – Where Were the Grown Ups?

    Surge Summary: “De-transitioners” – those who’ve undergone disfiguring “sex-change” procedures and who now regret it and want to return to living as their birth-gender – are starting to speak up. A few— too few — stand ready to help them with that process.

    You wouldn’t know if from the mainstream media, but PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil reports transgender ideology is destroying lives; and, if in doubt about that, victims are speaking out to confirm it.

    O’Neil writes:

     In 2016, two women spoke about how they were permanently scarred by taking male hormones and having “top surgery” — the removal of their breasts. Last month, another woman who once identified as a man went public about setting up a support network for de-transitioners in Britain. This week, de-transitioner Walt Heyer shared the harrowing story of a 19-year-old man who thought he was a woman and described his new “female” anatomy in revealing terms.

    19-year-old Nathaniel underwent “bottom surgery” – male genitals removed and swapped out for a simulated female version — and it didn’t take a year before he deeply regretted his decision.

    “Now that I’m all healed from the surgeries, I regret them,” he wrote to Heyer. “The result of the bottom surgery looks like a Frankenstein hack job at best, and that got me thinking critically about myself. I had turned myself into a plastic-surgery facsimile of a woman, but I knew I still wasn’t one. I became (and to an extent, still feel) deeply depressed.”

    A “plastic-surgery facsimile of a woman”? Yikes. Blunt and graphic – and as appropriate a characterization of the end result of these hatchet-jobs as I’ve heard.

    In a letter to Heyer, the young man heart-rendingly recounted

    how the other boys bullied him in elementary school because he was sensitive and preferred playing girl games. When he was older, he discovered internet pornography, heard about transgenderism, and became convinced “that’s what I was.” He started seeing a doctor a week after turning fifteen.

    “From then on, I slowly detached from everything until I was just staying home, playing video games, and going on the internet all day. I stopped reading, drawing, riding my bicycle. I surrounded myself in an echo chamber that supported and validated my poor decisions, because the others were also, unfortunately, stuck in that pit, too.”

    At the age of eighteen-plus-one-month, Nathaniel subjected himself to the mutilating procedure, suffering complications from the “Frankenstein hack job;” then having to endure a second operation a few months later. He also underwent feminizing facial work to complete the job.

    Heyer is in a unique position to help people like Nathaniel: he passed himself off as a woman for eight years, similarly experiencing transgender surgery himself.

    “The unpopular truth, which Nathaniel unfortunately learned the hard way at a young age, is a man is not a woman and can’t ever become a woman, even with surgically refashioned genitals and feminizing facial surgery,” Heyer wrote. “Nathaniel is a bright young man who never had the benefit of sound, effective counseling, which would have prevented this horrible mistake from happening. He will deal with it for the rest of his life.”[emphasis added]

    Heyer’s point stings: the adults, the foresightful individuals who should have been around this young man steering him in a more salubrious way, seemingly failed him utterly.

    Scandalously, in Nathaniel’s current dilemma the medical establishment that helped guide Nathaniel into this hideous state will not assist him in escaping it.

    “No one will help this young man to detransition. The so-called ‘informed-consent clinic’ (as if a teenager can give informed consent) washed their hands of him. The reckless ideology claims another life,” Heyer wrote.

    “In the ten years or so that I’ve worked with people, 100 percent — every single last one of them — has had some kind of event — traumatic, painful, horrible, some sexual, some physical, some emotional — happen to them, sometime between the ages of 4 and 15, that caused them to not want to be who they are,” Heyer told PJ Media last year. In Heyer’s case, his grandmother dressed him up as a girl when he was four and he also became a victim of sexual abuse at that age.

    Charlotte Evans is a British woman setting up a network for de-transitioners. She contends – as have many studies – by the time their brains fully mature around age 25, most transgender people would de-transition, so long as they take no hormones or undergo surgery.

    Nature, that is, usually runs its natural course, when left unhindered by what some call the “transgender cult”.

    A study last year suggested there could be as many as 1.13 million U.S. teens who identify as transgender. That’s 2.7 percent of that cohort’s population. An Australian psychiatrist shockingly and disturbingly points out kids are “trying out” transgenderism as a fad.

    In a scientific study published in the academic journal PLOS ONE, researcher Lisa Littman investigated “rapid onset gender dysphoria.” Teenagers who had no gender confusion or gender non-conforming behavior as children then suddenly announced to their parents and the world that they were transgender, requesting hormones and surgery. She found that “rapid onset gender dysphoria” could result from a “social or peer contagion” much like anorexia.

    Teenagers hastily and transitorily succumbing to “peer pressure”? Ya think? Whoever heard of such a phenomenon?

    Major medical associations – in a cowardly act of malfeasance — have accepted the whole transgender identity fad and endorsed use of experimental drugs to “block” puberty – which actually give kids a disease.

    Perhaps many of those pushing transgender identity mean well. Perhaps others are just gutless and can’t stand up to disapproval from the ranks of their “woke” peers. Whatever the explanations, gender confusion is just that: confusion. Yielding to it, as opposed to helping treat it, can indeed cause agonizing pain. Individuals end up suffering needlessly because they reject objective reality.

    Like in the case of anorexia, however, the solution is not to confirm and celebrate the transgender identity, but to encourage people to embrace their biological sex.

    A thin girl who sees herself as fat is not helped by dieting. A man who identifies as an amputee but has two perfectly healthy legs is not helped by getting a leg cut off to confirm his identity. Similarly, a biological man is not helped by having his healthy genitals removed and replaced in a “Frankenstein hack job.”

    These people need counseling, community, and confirmation of their biological sex.

    Instead, those few intrepid  souls who openly speak out against transgender activism find themselves the object of harassmentvilification, and censorship on social media.

    The truth will come out, and Americans should listen to the horrifying stories of brave de-transitioners like Nathaniel, Walt Heyer, and Charlotte Evans. It took real guts for Nathaniel go to public after the surgery he so anticipated turned out to be a “Frankenstein hack job.” Americans should heed his warning, and urge their doctors to reconsider embracing this dangerous ideology.

    H/T: PJ Media/Tyler O’Neil

    Image: CC0; Public Domain; https://pxhere.com/en/photo/494074

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