• A Handful of Scrooges Kvetch: So Christmas Has to Go!

    Surge Summary: One or two people in Durham, NH took issue with a public Christmas tree lighting and some other town holiday practices – so those features will either be discontinued altogether or substantively altered. This is anti-Christian secularism at work.

    The residents of Durham, New Hampshire and surrounding communities can breathe a holiday-season sigh of relief —  WBZ-TV reports the town’s celebration will no longer feature a Christmas tree lighting to avoid any “religious overtones”.

    The Blaze’s/Sarah Taylor relays:

    The New England municipality’s annual Christmas event formerly called the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony? It now will be weirdly called the “Frost Fest” instead.

    Santa Claus – who previously has shown up at the event in a firetruck, will, going forward, be forgoing the city vehicle and simply be attending.

    The town will also be discontinuing the hanging of wreaths on Durham’s Main Street’s lampposts.

    No tree-lighting? No Santa? Wreaths history? We’re saved!

    Behold the kind of persnickety hair-splitting Secularists have foisted upon America.

    Sally Tobias, town councilor, told the station that a “private citizen” came forward after 2018’s celebration and complained about the event.

    “There was another private citizen that came forward and said that he always had a problem with the Christmas tree, as he called it,” she said. “There were a couple of people that did express some concerns about how they felt being included.”

    A handful of private citizens, at most, grumped about this? Perhaps three? Four? of them? And an entire community has to dispense with their holiday traditions?

    Again, behold the fruit of neurotic Secularism at work.

    Tobias added that she and the rest of the council is welcome to receiving further feedback.

    “I will state that trees and Santas and wreaths are not Christian,” Tobias said, “And we would like to hear back from the community. We’d like to hear what they think about it, how they would like to see it evolve a little differently and how we can make it better.”

    They’re “not Christian”? What, pray tell, is the problem then? It turns out the God-hating element of society won’t countenance public presentation of practices or tropes that even indirectly brush up against much-abhorred “Christian” ideals.

    We’re on the very brink of plunging into a theocracy (!!), don’t you know.

    Thank God for one intrepid non-Christian spokesman who spoke up for the seasonal celebration:

    Rabbi Berel Slavaticki of the University of New Hampshire and Seacoast Chabad Jewish Center told the station that removing such traditions are “un-American.”

    Turns out the Jewish cleric has himself been slammed by this anti-Christmas hysteria:

    “To stop cultures and faiths from practicing publicly would be very un-American. I think that’s the beauty of our country,” said Slavaticki, who revealed that he asked the town to display a Menorah during 2018’s Hanukkah celebration. The request was reportedly denied.

    “The Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that the Menorah and the Christmas tree both represent the holiday winter season,” Slavaticki reasoned.

    So got shot down just like his Christmas-honoring fellow New Hampshirites.

    In other words: No, a Christmas Tree, wreaths, a Santa figure on open display or a Menorah in the public square, do not threaten a government “establishment of religion”. Indeed, the Constitution does forswear such a development.

    What Christmas decorations and conventions, on the other hand, express? The harmless, usually pleasant and communal efforts of a local group of citizens to enjoy together a festive time of the year.

    The kill-joy despisers of Christianity can’t tolerate that.

    H/T: The Blaze’s/Sarah Taylor

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