• Common Sense Returns! U of Va Reinstates Veterans Day 21-Gun Salute: ‘We Made a Mistake’

    Surge Summary: In an exhilarating reminder that sometimes it pays to make a stink about daffiness, the University of Virginia has agreed to reinstate its annual Veterans Day tradition of a 21-gun salute to honor fallen service members. Reasonable people can, thus, rejoice — and be inspired to keep making their voices heard.

    Every now and again, when the forces of sensibleness push back, the positive results appear quickly. For example:

    The University of Virginia (UVA) has announced it is reinstating its annual Veterans Day tradition of a 21-gun salute to honor fallen service members. The institution admitted it “made a mistake” by nixing it this year.

    It’s a relatively small victory of clear-thinking — but hey! We’ll take what we can.

    Craig Bannister/CNSNews fills in the details:

    As CNSNews.com reported on Veterans Day, November 11, 2019, the University of Virginia (UVA) had cancelled its tradition of honoring fallen veterans with a 21-gun salute on Veterans Day, citing concerns that it will disrupt classes and frighten students.

    In reaction, people squawked – and in a delightful exception to what is becoming the norm in our fractious day, the other side listened

    On Saturday, UVA Pres. Jim Ryan released a statement announcing that the 21-gun salute had been reinstated and offering “sincere apologies” to those who objected to the cancellation of the tradition honoring the nation’s veterans:

    “Sometimes you make mistakes. Although motivated by good intentions, I believe we made a mistake this year in excluding the 21-gun salute from our Veterans Day ceremony. Having attended the ceremony, and having consulted with the Commander in charge, I am confident that we can accommodate a 21-gun salute, which had been a meaningful feature of the ceremony in years past.

    “We will therefore reinstate the 21-gun salute next year, and we will make sure to minimize any disruptions to classes and communicate the details of the ceremony in advance. Thanks to all who shared their views about this topic, and my sincere apologies to any who may have doubted our commitment to honoring our veterans, whom we hold in the highest esteem and who deserve our gratitude.”

    It takes a big person to admit an error; even bigger to take steps to correct it. President Ryan did as much and kudos to him for that. A generous dose of that kind of humility across the board in America 2019 would do society some good.

    And just as important to recognize: when nitwittery raises its befuddling head, those with their heads still screwed on straight must continue speaking up, speaking out – respectfully but firmly. Sometimes, it does make a restorative difference.

    Again, this about face at UVA is a modest advance for lucidity – but it still could spur us on to aim for much grander victories in the war on Western Civilization.

    H/T: Craig Bannister/CNSNews

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