• Conservative Black Activist Takes Issue with Michelle O’s ‘White Flight’ Complaint

    Surge Summary: Former First Lady Michelle Obama has decried the ongoing presence of what has been termed “white flight”; i.e., white people moving out of areas to get away from black or other minority peoples. Problem is, folks move for all kinds of reasons, often for financial ones. Take her and her husband, for instance…

    A conservative black activist challenges former First Lady Michelle Obama’s late lamentation that whites are still taking part in “white flight.”

    OneNewsNow’s Chad Groening passes this along:

    During remarks at an Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, the former first lady claimed that whites are “still running” when minorities and immigrants move into their communities. Mrs. Obama said she first became conscious of so-called “white flight” when her family moved into Chicago’s South Side.

    “I think that one point in time in American history, we’re talking 50 years [ago], the idea of white flight had some merit,” says Derryck Green, a spokesman for Project 21. “But we can look at certain areas and certain neighborhoods where there are immigrants and blacks…. If those areas are economically depressed or the people there don’t share the same value system, then it doesn’t matter … the race of the people … who live there. If they have the resources to move, then they move.”

    Inconveniently for the 55-year-old Mrs. Obama, Green notes the Obamas themselves do not live in a predominately black neighborhood.

    “So for her to accuse people of white flight and her and her family are doing the exact same thing is somewhat not ironic,” he decides. “To imply that white people are afraid of black people because they’re black, or white people are afraid of immigrants solely because they’re immigrants and may have a different color skin, I think is foolish.”

    Not a few lighter-skinned Americans take advantage of their improving financial situation to relocate from one neighborhood to another more affluent one. Yet, many an African- or Latino- or Asian- or fill-in-the-blank- American do likewise. Neglecting that meaningful detail while cogitating over “white-flight” is kind of a big deal.

    Were there and are their people who fled/flee certain precincts for racist motivations? No doubt. And regrettably there always will be such. But it’s probably safe, especially in 2019, to give folks the benefit of the doubt that their rationales for going through the inconvenience of relocating are much less sinister than that – which, we can assume, are the Obama’s reason’s for living in all kinds of different neighborhoods over the years.

    H/T: OneNewsNow/Chad Groening

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