• Explain Please: Abortion by Methamphetamines — Why Is THAT Illegal?

    Surge Summary: California police arrest a woman for killing her unborn child through abuse of methamphetamines. But if abortion is legal, why is that a crime? What does that say about the consistency of the “pro-choice” argument?

    Police in California have arrested a woman on suspicion of murder. Her victim? Her stillborn child. Her alleged crime?  Lethal quantities of methamphetamine were found in the little one’s system.

    Over at Faithwire, Will Maule reports,

    “We ended up getting a murder warrant for her arrest, so we have been checking several different areas in and around the city of Hanford,” Hanford Police Sgt. Justin Vallin explained to ABC-30, referring to Chelsea Becker whom they were seeking on charges of homicide following her child’s death.

    Becker was subsequently arrested […] and booked into the Kings County jail on a $5 million bail, the Fresno Bee reported.

    My, that’s an awful lot of effort and crushing bail for a gal who essentially performed a self- administered abortion. I thought the procedure was legal, noble, a woman’s “right”?

    It can all get so very confusing.

    The story, according to the police chief, is that back in September the expectant mother had given birth to the stillborn baby boy. Suspicious medics ran tests on the deceased infant — and discovered deadly quantities of methamphetamine present in his blood.

     “This child, who was stillborn, was well over the toxic limit for an adult,” Vallin added.

    Investigators noted that Becker had been taking the Class-A drug for the entirety of her pregnancy. “Ms. Becker had been notified of what drug use could do if she was pregnant or while she was pregnant about the harmful effects it could have on a child,” Vallin said.

    Becker’s long-term drug abuse had resulted in her losing custody of three additional children. Becker’s oldest son was born addicted to crystal meth and subsequently adopted by her aunt, Julie Lance.

    “If she wants to see him. She needs to turn herself in,” Lance said, according to the Metro. “I know she loves him and I know if there’s anything in the world she wants it’s this baby…she needs to turn herself in.”

    Some note the obvious: the case shines a probing light on the hypocrisy of the pro-abortion argument.

    Law enforcement strongly condemned the fact she was using drugs for her entire pregnancy as a lethal shirking of parental responsibility, and rightly so. But, as many have pointed out, if she decided to have the baby killed via abortion, it would likely be recognized (and likely celebrated) as a responsible adult decision.

    Twitter provided some illuminating commentary:

    — “If you kill your unborn baby with drugs, it’s murder. But if you have someone else do it with “medical tools, it’s your “right. Go figure.”

    — “Wait a minute…. unborn baby? Only when they choose to call a baby, a “baby.” But if they outright murder the baby via abortion “it” is a “fetus.”

    — “Yeah you can’t have it both ways! It’s either just her choice or an act of murder.”

    As expected in our “pro-choice”-smitten age, others suggested the almost-mother should not be jailed for her crimes, but should be required to undergo rehab for treatment, instead.

    “This is wrong,” one person wrote. “She should NOT be charged with murder. She’s an addict who needs help. This is a very slippery slope that could lead to throwing pregnant women in jail.”

    Curiously, California’s current laws do not make allowance for the abortion of a viable fetus. In theory, at least, this means that unborn babies have some legal protection beyond the viability threshold, which tends to be somewhere between 24 and 28 weeks gestation.

    H/T: Faithwire/Will Maule

    Image: Adapted from: Radspunk – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3475149

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