• Freedom Advances in Hong Kong — But Chi-Coms May Not Be Backing Down Anytime Soon

    Surge Summary: Elections last weekend brought pro-democracy victories to Hong Kong – but a national defense analyst counsels caution: It’s quite possible Beijing’s Communist regime could respond in a violent manner over the next year.

    OneNewsNow.com’s Chad Groening updates on the stunning landslide victory Hong Kong’s pro-democracy opposition won in local elections over last weekend. It’s being widely viewed as an unmistakable rebuke of city leader Carrie Lam over her handling of violent protests that have divided the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

    The pro-democracy bloc swept nearly 90 percent of 452 district council seats, which will help it take unprecedented control of 17 out of 18 district councils.

    National defense analyst Robert Maginnis says it’s clear that the sentiment of the majority of people in Hong Kong appear to be on the pro-democracy side.

    “That means that they will have a pro-democracy government in the near future and that Miss Lam, who has been the proxy for President Xi in Beijing, is going to be on the outs,” he summarizes.

    Maginnis, however, warns it would be a mistake to assume Hong Kong is going to prevent the eventual takeover by the Chinese central government in Beijing.

    “We know the long-term implications are that the communists in Beijing are going to get their claws on that city nation and turn it into much like the rest of the nation,” he laments.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping will determine the details of how that happens, Maginnis adds. “He’s lost face to a certain degree,” he tells OneNewsNow.

    “So it’s quite possible that you could see a violent response over the next year if the new pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong goes in a direction that it really displeases the powers in Beijing.”

    The long and short of it: A tremendous moral and psychological triumph was achieved for Hong Kong liberty-lovers last weekend. They ought to be encouraged by their “nation’s” response to Red Dragon harassments. But … Hongkongers are far away from the types of freedom many of them are currently envisioning.

    More challenges ahead.

    H/T: OneNewsNow.com/Chad Groening

    Image: Creative Commons; CC by 2.0; https://www.flickr.com/photos/studiokanu/48108594957

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