• Her Name Keeps Surfacing: Michelle Obama for Democratic Presidential Nominee?

    Surge Summary: As dissatisfaction with the current crop of Democratic Presidential choices intensifies, some folks are talking up the plausibility of a Michelle Obama run for the big office.

    A former Texan Republican leader believes a former American first lady – no, not the one most people have been thinking of lately — could step into the Democratic presidential primary in an attempt to “save the day” for the party.

    Growing Democratic anxiety about the electability of their current field of White House choices is becoming a daily story. It seems like the more potential voters see of Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, Booker, Harris, et al, the less confident are Democratic leaders that the American people will warm to them and remove Donald Trump from the office.

    Chad Groening (OneNewsNow.com) fills in the details: The possibility of former First Lady Michelle Obama entering the 2020 presidential sweepstakes has been on the minds and lips of not a few election watchers for some time. Recently, however, several mainstream media outlets, including The New York Times, have revealed that the Democratic establishment is increasingly fretful about their party’s White House 2020 chances. According to the Times‘, during a recent New York meeting of high-powered Dem donors, one attendee raised the issue of whether Mrs. Obama would contemplate a late entry.

    Cathie Adams, a former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, offers her thoughts.

    “I think that it could be Michelle Obama who comes in at the last minute and says ‘I’m here to save the day,'” Adams shares. “Elizabeth Warren is not exciting anyone; Joe Biden and his corruption is not exciting anyone; [and] I don’t think Democrats are looking for a replay from Hillary Clinton.”

    But that’s not to imply Adams thinks the fifty-five-year-old former East Wing resident will be popular with ordinary Americans.

    “I don’t think that Michelle Obama is liked any more than was Hillary Clinton,” Adams states. “And I think if she gets out on the campaign trail and we start looking at some of the things that that woman did as first lady … most Americans are going to be just as repulsed.”

    Adams argues that Americans want someone who works hard to earn their vote. “[They] do not like to be around candidates who think that you owe them a vote,” she says.

    Along with the two erstwhile first ladies – Michelle O and Hillary Clinton — other options floated for late entry into the Democratic bench, per the Times or other sources, include former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, former Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick.

    Ms. Obama has heretofore expressed rather pointed lack of interest in getting involved in the political process. As her party’s desperation mounts, however … perhaps she will consider it her duty to put aside her misgivings?

    It would be wise for concerned members of the GOP to assume nothing.

    H/T: Chad Groening (OneNewsNow.com)

    Image: Creative Commons; CC By-SA 2.0; adapted from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/22007612@N05/29827556143

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