• How Kind of Them! Government Says Christian Adoption Agency Can Act Christian

    Surge Summary: New York officials have told a Christian adoption agency it must drop its policy of only placing children in traditional, married mother/father homes; or cease their services completely. While the case is on appeal, the organization will be permitted to continue operating. 

    New York State has magnanimously decreed a faith-based adoption agency can operate according to its religious beliefs — temporarily, at least, while its case is pending before a federal appeals court.

    Meaning, I suppose, Christian peoples should rejoice that the State is permitting followers of Jesus to act as such, at least for the moment?

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Government Master for letting me actually be a Christian for at least a little while!

    The specifics from Chris Woodward/OneNewsNow:

    New Hope Family Services stirred up the ire of New York state officials over the agency’s stated mission – apparently, a terribly radical one! — of placing needy children in homes with a married mother and father. Having the temerity, in other words, of preferring marriage – real marriage, with one (female) mother and one (male) father instead of one of the new-fangled varieties of couplings modern society wants to foist on us.

    Yep, this bunch of Bible-thumpers definitely poses a menace. Why are they being allowed to roam the streets?

    New Hope was delivered a faith-challenging ultimatum by the Office of Children and Family Services: Change your adoption policy or shut down the program altogether. Jettison your religious convictions or close up shop. A federal district court then ruled in favor of the bullying state agency after New Hope sued to protect conscience-honoring policies.

    Alliance Defending Freedom filed an appeal on behalf of New Hope with the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, which issued an emergency order on Nov. 11 that New Hope can continue with its adoption program while the court considers the appeal.

    Oral arguments from ADF were heard by the 2nd Circuit on Nov. 13.

    ADF attorney Roger Brooks, who is representing New Hope in court, tells OneNewsNow that helping orphans has been a foundational ministry of the Church dating back 2,000 years.

    “If the state has the power to shut [New Hope] down because it won’t bend the knee to the latest political views of the state of New York,” Brooks warns, “then the state has power over a wide variety of Christian ministries — historic ministries.”

    Ominous? You bet it is.

    For the record, the Empire State has a number of other adoption agencies willing to place kids in a same-sex environment. New Hope even claims it previously has directed potential clients to those sources without incident.

    That last bit is interesting, but ought to be irrelevant. If a Christian’s or Christian group’s convictions are violated by participation in an activity, an “I’m sorry but we can’t be involved in this matter” ought to be sufficient to settle the matter. The other party is free to pursue alternatives if they so desire – that said, the Christian actor has no obligation to help them do so.

    ADF says, finding out about New Hope’s policy during a standard site visit, the state sent a letter to the agency declaring their biblically based guidelines “discriminatory and impermissible”.

    So, apply the truths of the Bible to your life and business and you, possibly, bring down on your head the power of the government? Welcome to America 2019.

    But, to be clear: while the officious bureaucrats and government intimidators try to settle on a final verdict, New Hope can breathe a sigh of relief it can continue functioning as a Christian agency. At least for a bit longer.

    H/T: Chris Woodward/OneNewsNow

    Image: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images (https://www.picpedia.org/highway-signs/c/child-adoption.html)

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