• In Northern Ireland, Docs Say “No” to Abortion Regime

    Surge Summary: In the wake of the legalizing of abortion in Northern Ireland, over nine-hundred of that nation’s medical professionals have pledge to resist any involvement in the bloody-minded business.

    In a glorious and principled act of defiance coming after October’s legalizing of abortion in Northern Ireland – a decision which plunged lots of physicians into a moral quandary — nearly 1,000 of that nation’s registered medical professionals are refusing to be involved in the business of providing that procedure to patients.

    Will Maule (Faithwire) reports:

    Northern Irish doctor Andrew Cupples, who opposes the liberalization of the abortion laws, warned a number of his colleagues have committed to abandon the profession if forced to carry out these terminations.

    Imagine! Living under a regime which potentially could force a doctor to participate in killing unborn children against his conscience.

    “Hundreds of healthcare professionals in Northern Ireland will refuse to be involved in abortion services,” Cupples told the Independent. “There are even people who are planning to walk away from the healthcare service if they are forced to participate in abortion services.”

    In a letter signed by 911 of the country’s medical professionals to the Northern Ireland Secretary, Julian Smith, Cupples expressed his concerns. And it’s not just doctors concerned about this sudden abortion-mania and its implications.

    “There are also people in obstetrics and gynecology and midwives who are worried if they do not agree to be trained in abortion they could be forced to do so or reprimanded by their employers or a professional body,” Cupples explained, noting midwives and other maternity staff have “no protection” under the new guidelines to object to being involved in abortion services.

    Check it: Those who’ve given their lives to deliver healthy babies are worried they may be strong-armed into guaranteeing the opposite.

    According to British Parliament protocols, medical professionals with conscience-objections to abortion “must raise this with their employer” in the interim period, before a public consultation being carried out within the Northern Ireland government which will address key concerns:  How far along a woman can obtain an abortion? What procedures will be permitted? What clearer guidelines can be formulated concerning conscientious objection?

    On the eve of the new laws coming into effect, unionist lawmakers in Northern Ireland launched a last-ditch effort to block the action from Westminster. However, in the absence of cross-party support, there was little to be achieved. Regrettably, the recalled sitting lasted less than an hour and achieved nothing.

    Local politician Michael Savage has urged the Northern Irish Assembly to develop its own laws for protecting the unborn. Interestingly, although he’s a member of the Social Democratic Labour Party (SDLP), which is led by an individual who is pro-abortion, Savage is pro-life. He discloses his baby-saving convictions are informed by his personal experience: his son was born at just 25 weeks, yet … survived! He’s now understandably committed to ensure other babies are given that same shot at life;

    “to speak up for those parents who are struggling at the moment with a young premature baby. I want to tell them that there can be a happy ending here.”

    “I believe that my experience is testimony that even with a 20 percent chance of survival, my son was given the opportunity to fulfil his life and has taken it with both hands,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

    “We would just consider ourselves to be exceptionally lucky and couldn’t think of life without him,” the lawmaker continued. “It puts you very close to understanding the whole concept of the miracle of life. What it really does is to reinforce to you the things that matter in life — family and your children are probably the most important things to most people out there.”

    Last year, in a precedent which ought to sober these Northern Irish pro-life warriors, a referendum held in the nearby Republic of Ireland repealed the 8th amendment of the Irish Constitution. That provision had established protections for mothers and unborn babies. Since then, however, in a situation which should inspire those battling for the unborn around the world,  over 600 general Irish practitioners have refused to participate in this legalized abomination. The practical impact in the Irish Republic?  Abortion is currently only available at nineteen hospital facilities across the country.

    Legislatively authorized baby-murder must be stopped. These courageous, Emerald Isle medical professionals have sketched a blueprint for moving us toward that desired objective.

    H/T: Will Maule/Faithwire

    Image: by Jefty Matricio from Pixabay

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