• It’s Official: Sessions Is In! And Reportedly Trump and McConnell Aren’t Pleased

    Surge Summary: Former Alabama Senator and former Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced a fresh candidacy for his old Senate seat. Reports are President Trump and Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell aren’t thrilled with this development. 

    So, it looks like Jeff Sessions is going for it. He announced his candidacy for the Senate on Tucker Carlson’s program Thursday evening, aiming to get back the seat he forsook when he stepped up to become Donald Trump’s attorney general.

    Reports are the president ain’t thrilled with the former Alabama senator’s decision.

    Rob Quinn over at Newser refreshes our memories:

    Sessions, who was forced out of the administration, repeatedly clashed with the president after recusing himself from the Russia investigation. A source tells the Times that after recent reports that Sessions was planning a comeback, Trump warned Sessions through allies that he would publicly attack him if he decided to run.

    Here’s a summary of the current situation:

    In the March 3 Republican primary, Sessions will compete against a crowded GOP field that includes Roy Moore, who lost the 2017 special election to replace Sessions after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced.

    Rep. Bradley Byrne, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville, and state Rep. Arnold Mooney are also vying to unseat Democratic Sen.

    Over at Lifezette.com, David Kaimoner adds his own evaluation:

    Sessions left the Senate to take the [attorney general] post — then recused himself on the Mueller investigation into the Russian hoax and let the Dems run roughshod over Trump on the fake issue.

    Then his ultra-safe Alabama Senate perch was lost after a divided GOP nominated alienating firebrand and hard-Right Judge Roy Moore in a special election for the seat.

    Moore managed to take a sure thing and run it right into the ground.

    Thus in December of 2017, Democrat Doug Jones won election to the Senate in the darkest red-of-red states to fill out Sessions’ term.

    Yes, the president ended up being openly, brazenly ticked with a guy who had been one of his staunchest (and earliest) supporters. Vocally turning on then-Attorney General Sessions, Trump forgot rather quickly that Sessions literally had imperiled his professional career by backing the real estate mogul’s White House bid when virtually no other prominent public figure was willing to do so. Donald Trump’s rounding on Sessions wasn’t his most flattering moment.

    Per Kaimoner, here’s part of the present gripe Trump and Repub mainstreamers have with the prospect of a Sessions comeback attempt:

    GOP leaders and the president are afraid a contentious Alabama GOP primary field could hold open the door once more for Moore — who is also running.

    The Moore vote is not a majority, but it is highly committed.

    In a moderate turnout primary race, with many carving up what’s left after Moore’s likely solid 30 percent to 35 percent, Moore could slip in and could lose again to Democrat Doug Jones.

    About the GOP Senate Leader, Maggie Habermas tweeted:

    “McConnell…has been less than thrilled with the idea of a Sessions candidacy, according to two people familiar with his thinking. He views it as a distraction that could end poorly for Republicans…”

    So Trump and McConnell may team up against Sessions? Well, there’s a scenario no one would have forecast three years ago.

    Kaimoner’s cynical solution?

    Entice Jones over to the GOP with choice committee assignments and expedited seniority. Then he can run as an incumbent with Trump’s blessing — and clear the field in a primary.

    No doubt Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who is known for his craftiness and savvy, is contemplating such moves and likely more right now.

    So … persuade the “moderate” Democrat currently occupying the berth to slap an “R” after his name and throw in with him? Brilliant …

    Jones is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, weak on the border, anemic on gun rights … but hey! He’s not Jeff Sessions and it would save Donald Trump from an awkward dilemma, dealing with a former cabinet member on whom he’s garishly soured.

    Words fail.

    Of course, there’s this option: If these reports are accurate, please put aside your personal pettiness, Mr. President. Consider backing a man who risked much backing you when you desperately needed him. Forgive him for what you perceived was a lapse in judgment on his part, but what he perceived was an ethical imperative. (Check with some of those Christian advisers who are always crowding your office – they might have a thing or two to share with you about what the Bible says about forgiveness.)

    Where’s that much-heralded, much -demanded Trump loyalty, Sir? Let go of the past and get behind – or at least don’t trash – Jeff Session’s effort.

    Quinn adds this morsel:

    One of NPR’s sources says Sessions … is “definitely acting alone,” without the support of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or the Senate Republican campaign operation.

    Mind you, not a few Republican and conservative voters would consider that revelation a plus for Jeff Sessions.

    Note: This column was slightly altered since originally posted. 

    H/T: Newser/Rob Quinn

    H/T: Lifezette.com/David Kaimoner

    Image: Adapted from: By DoD Photo by Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. Pineiro/Released – https://www.dvidshub.net/image/3114225/58th-presidential-inauguration, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=55221795

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