• Lawmakers Reminded: With God, ‘Change Is Possible’ — LGBTQ Not Excluded

    Surge Summary: A former lesbian turns up before Congress to oppose dangerous government overreach in the name of “gender equality”; and to remind them LGBTQ individuals can change — and need to be allowed to do so. 

    Chris Woodward (OneNewsNow.com) reports,

    Individuals who used to identify as LGBTQ met with members of Congress this week to discuss controversial measures such as the Equality Act (H.R.5) and the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act (H.R.3570).

    “Used to identify? Uh-oh …

    Among those visiting Capitol Hill was former lesbian Janet Boynes.

    Former lesbian”? More uh-oh …

    Later on, she shared on the “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” radio program that – contra what news outlets, politicians and the pop culture may claim – the oft-repeated line that change isn’t possible is false

    “I am a living example that change is possible through the power of God,” said Boynes. “The gay community is looking to indoctrinate our kids. They do not want us to say change is possible.”

    She continued: “If they were so comfortable in their own skin, why are they coming after us? Why are they trying to silence us? Why are they trying to silence the church? Because they know they are wrong – and as long as we stay silent, they will continue to make inroads.”

    Boynes recounted she gave Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) a copy of her book Called Out featuring the stories of former LGBTQ individuals.

    Again, that “former” word …

    “I hope she takes the time to read it because these bills that they are coming up with [H.R.5 and H.R.3570] are to silence us – and this is so wrong,” she emphasized. “Many women who have transitioned or had gender reassignment surgeries want to undo what they had done. They want to go back to the way they were when they came out of the womb.”

    Prayerfully, one night when Madame Speaker’s conscience keeping her awake over her complicity in the abortion of millions of pre-born children, she’ll pick up Boynes’ book; and give it a read.

    The Equality Act “prohibits discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity in a wide variety of areas including public accommodations and facilities, education, federal funding, employment, housing, credit, and the jury system.” Misgivings about the legislation come from churches and other non-profits who rightfully are concerned the Act could force them to violate their religious beliefs. Additionally, legal organizations and think tanks contend the Equality Act would be unfair to women’s athletics, requiring females to compete against confused biological males who say they are women.

    The Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act, meantime, would outlaw therapy for anyone with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity issues.

    Both measures represent legislation that gives deeper meaning to the need for a full-throated, “Hey, D.C., butt out!

    Individuals like Janet Boynes are so very inconvenient to those who insist human beings are brute animals, enslaved to our emotions, helpless cogs in the face of nature and with no say-so over how we develop, sexually or otherwise.

    No wonder the Left wants to clamp them into silence.

    H/T: Chris Woodward (OneNewsNow.com)

    Image: Janet Boynes; Screen Shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Iamn-Ip71A

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