• ‘Mayor Pete’s’ Plan: Free College for a Whole Lotta People — and Guess Who WILL Pay?

    Surge Summary: “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg, running for the White House, is competing with the other Democratic presidential wanna-bes in the “freebies” department. He’s lately suggesting no-cost college for a whole lot of Americans. And, along with all the other stuff the Dems are promising to give away, we’re supposed to pay for that how exactly …?

    Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has another idea for spending other people’s money! He’s wanting to help low-income families with free college tuition, free childcare, and expanded tax credits, according to a $2.1 trillion economic plan announced Friday.

    The specifics from Newser’s Arden Dier:

    According to the Washington Post, the plan includes – try to follow this — free tuition at four-year public colleges for families earning up to $100,000. Tuition will be reduced for those earning up to $150,000. Student debt forgiveness will be extended to those in “low quality” programs.

    Hey, watch the Democrat Party’s White House hopefuls climbing over one another like crabs in a bucket, trying to outdo one another heaving tax-and-deficit-financed give-aways to prospective voters!

    How to come up with the swag to pay for all this? Buttigieg wants – of course! — the top 1% of earners to pay more in capital gains taxes, per CNBC.

    “As president, I will measure success not just by the size of the stock market or gross domestic product, but by whether working and middle-class families are succeeding,” says the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Ind., who’s seen a spike in support in Iowa.

    And apparently “success” will further be measured by extorting successful people to pour more of their hard-earned money into “President” Pete’s government-spending pipepline.

    Per the Post, the plan puts Buttigieg left of Joe Biden but not as far left as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who have called for free college tuition for all.

    Yet Buttigieg’s plan to spend $700 billion on child care and education and $430 billion on affordable housing over the next decade, allowing for 2 million more housing units, is similar to a plan offered by Warren, who NPR reports is neck and neck with Buttigieg in Iowa.

    In case you forgot about it in the thick of this newest spend-a-palooza, the Afghan war veteran also wants to “invest” (i.e., spend) even more:

    — $200 billion in job training

    — $50 billion in historically black colleges

    — $5 billion in ensuring every American has access to an apprenticeship within 30 miles.

    Just asking, but: Aren’t we already ponying up a tidy sum for programs at least very similar to those?

    Like candidate/rival Julián Castro, Buttigieg is additionally suggesting an expansion of the earned income tax credit. One analysis figures 35 million US households with earnings under $55,000 would receive an average tax credit of $1,000 under the plan. Not too shabby if you’re on the receiving end; and if you don’t give a fig about America’s fiscal future.

    Once more, crabs clawing their way toward an Oval Office promotion – courtesy of other Americans’ dollars.

    Manipulative. Pandering. Disgusting.

    H/T: Newser/Arden Dier

    Image: CC By-SA 2.0; Adapted from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/48012514531

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