• Mr. President, Abandon Obama Era Gender-Confused Military Policies

    Surge Summary: A conservative group is calling upon the president to abandon Barack Obama’s gender-confused military policies. Data signals they are flying in the face of reality and failing to prepare our fighting forces for their main task.

    A conservative military watchdog is urging President Donald Trump to ditch a particular Obama-era social engineering experiment that has been taking place in America’s military – one that has “resulted in more than four of five women soldiers failing the new Army Combat Fitness Test”.

    Chad Groening/OneNewsNow:

    During the Obama administration, Pentagon officials bought into false promises of a “gender-free” military where men and women would be equally capable, immune to sexual attractions, and interchangeable in physically challenging missions. And in December 2015, former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter authorized women to serve in frontline combat units.

    Newsflash: Fantasy-land is one place a nation does not want its armed forces occupying.

    The Center for Military Readiness’s Elaine Donnelly published an article  on her organization’s website claiming evidence is mounting that the gender-free military experiment isn’t cutting it.

    “The theories about gender equality are not playing out the way we were promised that they would or the nation was promised,” says the CMR president. “It looks like the Caissons’ wheels are falling off – and it’s not the women’s fault.

    “It is not women failing,” she continues. “It is the policymakers who try to pretend – and [who] still pretend – that men and women are interchangeable in all military positions, even though the evidence very clearly says to the contrary.”

    Donnelly contends the fact that 84 percent (!!) of the females are falling short in the Combat Fitness Test sends an inescapable message.

    “The problem is that the Army is trying to pretend that women are equally prepared and should be equally considered and assigned to the combat arms,” she emphasizes. “Now this is really unrealistic.”

    Dump this Obama-era effort, she enjoins.

    “Quite frankly this is really a matter for the president to deal with, and when he will do that will be his choice – you never know with this president,” she concludes. “But something needs to be done, certainly in the next term if not sooner.”

    CMR colorfully argues that rather than fussing over beliefs about gender equality that are in conflict with reality – and where is reality more essential than in all-things-warfare? — the Army “has dug itself into a ‘gender-neutral’ hole and it keeps on digging.”

    H/T: Chad Groening/OneNewsNow

    Image: by D. Myles Cullen; DoD photo; https://www.dodlive.mil/2015/12/04/no-exceptions-will-end-separate-but-equal-for-women/

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