• Murdered Mom’s Final Words Remind Us What True Motherhood Is All About

    Surge Summary: The final words and acts of Dawna Langford, the mother who, along with eight others, was massacred by drug cartels in Mexico not long ago, remind us of what “motherhood” is supposed to be all about; of the manner in which responsible, loving parents are supposed to conduct themselves.

    The last words Devin Langford’s mother spoke to him before she was gunned down in Mexico really shouldn’t surprise us – she was, after all, a mom who presumably loved her children dearly. Her final thoughts and verbal expressions, then, were those involving their protection above all else.

    Newser’s Kate Seamons writes:

    “Get down right now,” Dawna Langford instructed her 13-year-old son, he says in an interview with ABC News. Devin—whose brothers Trevor, 11, and Rogan, 2, were also killed in the attack on the group of Mormon American citizens last Monday—says the initial barrage of bullets stopped their car. “The car didn’t work. So she was just trying right there, starting the car as much as she could, but I’m pretty sure they shot something so the car wouldn’t even start.”

    The Washington Post reports Dawna Langford had her nine children in the car with her when, according to her son, the attackers “got us out of the car, and they just got us on the floor and then they drove off.”

    The surviving children were all “bleeding really bad,” he says, so the uncommonly courageous and resourceful young man hid them in bushes and hurriedly trekked about 14 miles for help, wondering along the way “if there was anybody else out there trying to shoot me or following me.”

    Devin’s father joined him for the interview and commented on just what Devin and his other surviving kids managed to live through: “How many bullet holes were fired into that vehicle … at that horrific scene and how many children were involved. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. It’s beyond amazing that they survived.”

    In a day dominated by feminist loathing of the traditional family and by their secularist abettors’ devotion to killing unborn children in a godless sacrament they call “abortion”, it’s easy to forget the noble ways moms and dads were once expected to act – putting their kids first, ahead of themselves; always. It was simply taken for granted that self-sacrifice was what parents were called to do.

    Then along comes someone like Dawna Langford to remind us there are still some who will rise to that charge when life demands they do so.

    H/T: Newser/Kate Seamons

    Image: Screen shot; https://people.com/crime/family-of-hero-boy-13-who-survived-attack-in-mexico-that-killed-mom-speaks-out/

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