• New Zealand Gun Confiscation Failing — So How About In the USA?

    Surge Summary: Those who think a firearms buyback (gun confiscation) scheme might be America’s answer to gun violence? Check out New Zealand’s program — which is failing.

    Over at The Resurgent, Joseph Sacco updates that with its amnesty period soon to close, New Zealand’s gun-buyback program hasn’t been very successful.

    For a long time, Leftists have assured gun owners gun-control would never include firearm confiscation. It was a façade those on the Right didn’t accept – and was finally and usefully revealed to be a sham when Beto O’Rourke and Eric Swalwell became candidates for president. They both came to brazenly stand for removing firearms from law abiding citizens.

    New Zealand is the latest example of a country pursuing an all-out firearm ban as a direct result of the Christchurch shooting. The New Zealand government instituted a buyback program, the amnesty period is ending within the next two months. And so far, the results have not been impressive.

    Cam Edwards at Bearingarm.com noted:

    With less than two months to go before the government-imposed deadline, fewer than 20% of the estimated number of banned firearms have been handed over.

    Shocker! I wonder why? Perhaps because big guv Leftists routinely scant human nature in their policy formulation. Their entire worldview, in fact, is rooted in reality-denial.

    In fact, observes Sacco, at the current rate:

    The New Zealand government is on track to collect around 50,000 prohibited weapons pursuant to the buyback. That would impute a final compliance rate of around 29 percent, at the lower end, which would represent a modest but tangible success for policymakers.

    If the Left in the United States thinks that a buyback program would work, all they have to do is look at the New Zealand and New York SAFE Act both of which have been extremely unsuccessful. Persons want the ability to defend themselves and New Zealanders, without explicit protection of the right to bear arms, appear to have made the decision to brave the upcoming deadline without turning over their firearms.

    It’s safe to assume, saturated as it has been for centuries in Second Amendment rights, America would respond with even less alacrity to any kind of buy back (confiscation!) measure.

    Thanks, Kiwis, for underscoring what won’t work in the effort to diminish gun violence – in your nation, or eight-thousand miles east of you here in America.

    H/T: The Resurgent, Joseph Sacco

    Image: Creative Commons; CC By-SA 2.0; https://www.flickr.com/photos/amboo213/4020584983

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