• NFL News of a Different Sort: Baltimore Ravens QB Baptized at Team’s Facility

    Surge Summary: An NFL player makes news off the field, in a most positive – some would say glorious – way. The Baltimore Ravens Trace McSorely puts one of the team’s recovery pools to use – as a baptismal.

    In a creative and “redemptive” use of NFL high-tech training equipment, the Baltimore Ravens website reported quarterback Trace McSorley was baptized November 12th in one of the team’s recovery pools at their training facility.

    CNS News’ Melanie Arter writes McSorley says the team’s chaplain, Johnny Shelton, brought up the subject.

    “It was something I kind of wanted to do when I was in college and never did for whatever reason. Johnny brought it up and approached me about it. I knew the second time, I definitely wanted to do it,” McSorley said. “We just set it up in the training room and a couple guys were there and we did it.”

    McSorley comes from “a pretty religious faithful family.” He said as a baby, he “didn’t have a decision in it.”

    “Now it was my decision. I wanted to choose it for myself,” McSorley said.

    McSorley’s teammate offensive lineman James Hurst helped lower him into the water as part of the ceremony led by Shelton. Hurst is a faith leader on the team. For three years now, he and his wife have been hosting Bible study at their home.

    Hurst said Shelton asked him to take part in the baptism, and he was “honored” to be a part of it.

    Also present were his teammates, L.J. Fort, Willie Snead IV, Jordan Richards, and Otaro Alaka, as well as coaches Bobby Engram and Craig ver Steeg.

    The past few years – and, frankly, the past few weeks – have provided their share of moments of ugliness and bad press swirling around the NFL. Notices of happenings like McSorely’s public – and very wet – profession of his faith in Jesus Christ provide a nice change.

    Our prayer ought to be for more like them as the season progresses …

    H/T: CNS News/Melanie Arter

    Image: Screenshot; Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/p/B4y1PlyAU_z/?utm_source=ig_embed

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