• Not Co-Operating: Overwhelming Hispanic Majority Rejects Goofy ‘Latinx’ Label

    Surge Summary: Bowing again to gender-bullying, the Left, and specifically Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, have minted the new term “Latinx” to refer to Hispanics. Inconveniently for the progressive language police, it looks like even those from that specific ethnic group are rejecting the word’s usage.

    This odd word has been popping up lately: “Latinx”. It can be found in some Lefty articles and editorials to designate Hispanics. The origins of this neologism are unclear, but it seems white liberal elites have tapped it to identify that ethnic minority. It eschews the “Latino” or “Latina” gender-specific identifier for the generic, neutral “Latinx”. After all, we can’t imply, even in our language, that male/female differences have objective value, can we?!? (Rick Moran/PJ Media)

    So … no surprise, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is panderingly using the term.

    Whatever the word’s provenance or who is using it, Hispanics themselves apparently are far from thrilled with it. They have decisively rejected the term.


    A group of pollsters at the progressive ThinkNow Research conducted a national survey of Latinos to discover Hispanic sentiment toward the term “Latinx.” Respondents were presented with seven of the most popular terms used to describe their particular demographic and were asked, “Which of these names do you prefer to describe your ethnicity?” The terms included Hispanic, Latino/Latina, Chicano/Chicana, Latinx, American, my country of origin, (i.e. Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, etc.), and my country of origin + American (i.e. Cuban-American, Mexican-American, etc.). The poll’s 508-person sample size demographically represented census data, including a margin of error of ± 5 percent.

    Ninety-eight percent of respondents indicated they prefer a term other than “Latinx” to denote their ethnicity, which left only 2 percent preferring Latinx, making it the least-preferred term for Hispanic people among Hispanics themselves.

    Catch that? The “least-preferred term”? Sensible people everywhere, rejoice!

    ¿Cómo Se Dice ‘common sense’?

    The numbers indicate even young Latinos are giving this Johnny-come-lately blather the thumbs down:

    Despite speculation that the “Latinx” label appeals to women and young people, survey results indicated only 3 percent of respondents ages 18 to 34 prefer the term, with zero support among respondents over 50 years old. Hispanic women responded slightly more favorably than men, with 3 percent and 1 percent preference, respectively. In other words, 99 percent of Hispanic men and 97 percent of women, Millennials, and Gen Zers prefer a word other than “Latinx” to describe their ethnicity. Most respondents preferred the term “Hispanic,” with “Latino/Latina” being the second-most preferred identifier.

    You shouldn’t be surprised at this effort to alter the English language. Destroying meaning and the context for words has been a dream of the left for decades. It has allowed them to capture language, abuse it, and then fashion it into a political weapon. Meaning becomes what they say it is. Context becomes irrelevant because they create the context in which your words are spoken.

    Moran reflects:

    Can you really create a word out of whole cloth and then force its usage on the public? The arbiters of vocabulary — Webster’s dictionary — generally accepts several hundred new words every year. On the other hand, they remove several dozen words that have fallen out of usage. While it may be hip and popular today to use the word “Latinx” to describe Hispanic people, that poll would suggest it’s headed for oblivion.

    Some of us are markedly looking forward to that day.

    H/T: Rick Moran/PJ Media

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