• Not Good News for Him: Survey Reveals How Dems Feel About Bloomberg

    Surge Summary: Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering throwing his hat in the ring as a Democratic candidate for the presidency. A timely survey reveals he would start out at the bottom of the pack among likely Democratic voters.

    In a curve ball Michael Bloomberg couldn’t have anticipated, voters have reacted to the possibility of the former New York City mayor’s running for president with a dramatic shrug of the shoulders — this according to the latest Morning Consult poll. Politico reports the survey, conducted Friday, found Bloomberg has the highest unfavorable rating among likely primary voters of any other current Democratic candidate. That’s a rather stunning finding when one considers some of the hopefuls still included in that cohort.

    Here is the breakdown (Rob Quinn/Newser)

    Some 25% view Bloomberg unfavorably, according to the poll, and he is the first choice of just 4% of likely voters, which puts him in sixth place, behind Kamala Harris but ahead of Andrew Yang.

    Meanwhile, it turns out Joe Biden remains the current frontrunner, with 31% support, Bernie Sanders is next at 20%, Elizabeth Warren follows at 18%,  then Pete Buttigieg (8%), and Harris (6%).

    But the poll also found that Bloomberg is 6 points ahead of President Trump in a hypothetical general election matchup, with 43% choosing Bloomberg, 37% choosing Trump, and the rest undecided, CNBC reports.

    Biden, Sanders, and Warren were 4, 5, and 6 points ahead of Trump, respectively. Analysts say a Bloomberg run might hurt Biden and help Sanders and Warren by drawing centrist voters away from the frontrunner.

    If the 77-year-old erstwhile mayor ends up officially entering the race, his strategy, reportedly, will be to focus on Super Tuesday states, bypassing the handful that vote earlier. Along with these dreary early poll numbers, however, he might want to keep in mind that approach isn’t one that paid off for another former Gotham mayor — Rudy Giuliani — in 2008.

    H/T: Rob Quinn/Newser

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