• Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, NFL Week #12

    Surge Summary:Lots of odd stuff happening around the NFL during this 100th anniversary of the league. So what does week 12 hold for players, teams and fans alike? Here are Pigskin Pundit’s forecasts … 


    For the 100th anniversary of the National Football League, we are celebrating with….Antonio Brown Tweets, Colin Kaeperkneel, who doesn’t really want to play but won’t go away, retired Rob Gronkowski rapidly destroying a career’s worth of popularity by trolling his fans with bait-and-switches about returning to football while he shamelessly pitches any ridiculous thing for a buck, players clubbing each other over the head with helmets like battle maces, phantom penalty-calling and egregious violations missed by the refs, a feckless league office that just reopened the door to a SECOND collusion lawsuit by Kaepernick after paying him millions to settle the first one, pointless replay review (since the refs/league don’t want calls on the field overturned), and nobody, not coaches nor players nor officials who knows what actually constitutes a catch, or pass interference.

    Happy birthday, NFL!  You have cake all over your face.  Last week’s picks yielded a 10-4 finish, and I’m at 96-65 for the year.  Here’s the picks.

    Colts at Texans – Division supremacy is on the line, and these two are an even match.  Indy is missing their Mack truck hauling the rock, and that could tilt the field Houston’s way.  If Deshaun can get rid of Deball sooner and Carlos doesn’t Hyde his talents, things will go better for Billy O’s X’s and O’s.  I think Houston wins a tight shootout at OK Corral.

    Seahawks at Eagles – Philly’s offense showed last week that they are too dependent on just a few players whose names end in Z, while Seattle has a variety of weapons and of course, the ultimate weapon in #3.  The Squawks should enjoy a road win while all those cheese steakheads sitting in the Philly stands will be wondering where Carson Wentz…along with their season.

    Lions at Redskins – My gut tells me Washington will be fired up for this meaningless game, a chance for their rooks to enjoy some quality time.  Detroit IS the better team, but I don’t think that buys them a win here.  Nothing to play for, and no Stafford.  Lions lay down like lambs.

    Raiders at Jets – Hey Darnold has made improvement over the last 4 games, but these Raiders are a win off the pace behind Kansas City in their division.  They are jelling at the right time, and Jacobs’ yardage and Carr’s aerials should shorten the runway enough that the Jets can’t get off the ground.  Carr drives Oakland to victory row.

    Panthers at Saints – This week the black cats get exorcised by the Saints.  Carolina won’t stop Alvin Camaro when he revs it into high gear, and Brees will blow freely through their secondary.

    Dolphins at Browns – Say this about Miami – they don’t lay down.  They aren’t good, but they don’t quit, and Fitzmagic has been doing street tricks a long time.  That said, they will get Nicked by Chubb’s running burnt by Baker’s arm.  Things are getting Hot In Cleveland.

    Steelers at Bengals – Pittsburgh needs to recover from the orange brawl in Ohio last week, by having another orange brawl in Ohio THIS week.  Will Cincy be ready to Pounce in Maurkice’s absence, and grab their only victory this season? Nope. Pittsburgh’s D should contain, harass and otherwise demoralize this Bengals team.  Steelers tame the Tigers.

    Giants at Bears – I’m not buying what the Giants are selling this season.  I’m not buying Bears stock either, but given the choice, I’ll hold my nose and take Chicago.  Like the hot dogs Chicago is famous for, when you strip off all the condiments, it’s still just a weenie underneath.  But enough of a snack to hold off Gotham, who prefers hot turnovers to weenies.  Dreadful game…. bon appetite!

    Broncos at Bills – The Wrongcos showed some spirit of late, but McDermott’s Bills are coming due at the right time.  Their gritty D is tough on the pass, and young Allen is beginning to get his cannon sighted in on target, after chucking crazy bombs all over the yard much of his young career.  Buffalo stampedes at home.

    Buccaneers at Falcons – The Falcs seem to have found themselves.  Arians has Tampa playing better ball, but if things continue the way they have the last couple weeks, Matt Ryan and Company will put Tampa in the basement to stay, and try to overtake Carolina.  Falcons bury the Pirates’ booty.

    Jaguars at Titans – Neither of these teams is heading for the playoffs it would seem.  What does Sacksonville have with Foles back in the fold?  Can the Titan receivers get open before O Tannehill is felled like a Christmas tree by hungry Jag rushers?  I feel better about Derrick dodging defenders than Lenny lugging the leather this week.  Titans in a tight one.

    Cowboys at Patriots – Dallas gallops into Foxboro with the league’s most prolific gunslinger this season, very solid horses on the O-line, and Zeke the Freak bolting the corral every chance he gets, heading for open pastures.  New England has a defense that can suck all the air out of this park, and lock down the very thing you depend on most.  Problem is, Brady’s offense keeps misfiring, shooting themselves in the foot, and generally having a hard time getting out of the chute.  It took a gadget play to knock off the Eagles ugly last week.  Minutemen find just enough dry powder to spark a winning shot into the endzone.

    Packers at 49ers – When Green Bay tangles with the City by the Bay, we’re going to enjoy SNF this week.  Teams match up pretty well.  Two mobile, resourceful QBs.  Two stalwart defenses.  Flip of the coin comes up heads for Aaron Rodgers being more careful with the ball than Jimmy the G.  Packers attackers over Niners D-liners.

    Ravens at Rams – Every eye in America will be watching this matchup.  The Rams are slip-sliding away, while the Ravens seem unstoppable.  LA needs a win to stay in contention for a wild card, and Gurley needs carries if they are going to have some kind of balanced attack.  That said, the Ravens are a complete team, with good defense to compliment a frightening array of offensive weapons.  Certainly the team nobody wants to play right now.  Ravens snatch a shiny victory out of LA.

    Enjoy the games!  -PP (Nate Clark)

    Image: Adapted from: TexansFan97 – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12395384

    Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation’s Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America’s future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.

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