• Pregnant Woman! Uses AR-15! Saves Her Family! Whatever Will the Sophisticated People Say?

    Surge Summary: An eight-months pregnant mother uses an AR-15 to drive off two thugs who were threatening the lives of her husband and daughter. How will those opposed to gun ownership react to this incident? 

    Here’s a thought experiment fer ya: How will “socially-enlightened”, anti-Second Amendment sophisticates react to the tale of a “semi-automatic-gun”-toting-mother who came to the rescue of her family?

    When a Florida woman heard a commotion from another part of her family house one evening last week she peeked out from a back bedroom to see a pair of bad guys restraining her 11-year-old daughter and pistol-whipping her husband. One of the creeps who saw her took a shot at her – which turns out to have been a big mistake.

    Bob Cronin and the Newser staff inform us the eight-months-pregnant wife backed away, grabbing a semi-automatic rifle – and putting it to use. She opened fire striking one of them, per Bay News 9. The wounded bad guy fled; then collapsed, dead, nearby. Police are searching for the other perpetrator.

    Jeremy King said his wife “evened the playing field and kept them from killing me.” Her name was not released.

    King said the men burst into the home about 9pm, pointed their guns at him and demanded money. “They came in heavily hooded and masked,” he said. When King said he had nothing to give them, one began to pistol-whip him while the other kicked him in the head. “It became real violent, real fast,” King said. He needed 20 stitches after the attack for injuries that included a fractured eye socket, a fractured sinus cavity and a concussion, per NBC. King said he didn’t know the men and doesn’t know why they picked his house. The AR-15-style weapon was in the home in Lithia, about 25 miles southeast of Tampa, legally.

    Good grief – this episode might cause anti-gunners to curl up into a ball and go all catatonic on us. I mean, note these elements:

    — Woman with a gun (no nasty, toxic male to pick on).

    — Firearm is the much derided AR-15 (“weapon of war”, “assault rifle”, blah, blah.).

    — She saves her family from physical assault, possible death, using a legally owned instrument. (Girl power! – but skillfully wielded in self- and family-defense; for a plainly justified purpose.)

    — She’s pregnant! (What was she doing at home? She should have been downtown procuring an abortion or marching in support of Planned Parenthood funding! Or at least pursuing career fulfillment.)

    — This is her second kid on the way – and she’s presumably married to the children’s’ father. (Oh, how 19th century, of her … What next? We’ll find out she took his name? That they’re open to a third carbon-using life form?)

    — Let me say it one more time: AR-!5!

    Yes, what will be guns-are-evil set’s response to this pile-up of politically inconvenient variables.

    Maybe by trying to pretend it didn’t happen?

    H/T: Bob Cronin and the Newser staff

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