• Subway Thanksgiving! So Nice When People ‘Get’ the Point of Holiday

    Surge Summary: Holiday well-wishers help commuters celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday – on the New York City subway. So there are some people who understand what the day is supposed to be all about!

    It’s refreshing and delightful – these days perhaps more than ever – when individuals visibly “get” what is supposed to be the point of the holiday season. For instance, from The Washington Post’s Alex Horton, this dispatch:

    The movable guerrilla feast was adorned with the holiday essentials, and old and new friends gathered around turkey, greens, cider and stuffing, set atop white tablecloths — eager for dollops of yams before the conductor arrived at their stop.

    Subway riders raised their non-alcohol bubbly for a prayer on the L Train to Brooklyn on Sunday evening. “Dear heavenly father, thank you for bringing us all together on this Thanksgiving Day,” one man said, holding a champagne flute that sloshed with the moving train.

    The idea was sparked by the dreary L Train construction delays that have paralyzed Brooklyn commuters, comedian Jodell “Joe Show” Lewis told The Washington Post.

    “People are really unhappy waiting to ride this train,” he said Tuesday. “So we said ‘let’s bring joy and feed New Yorkers at the same time.’ “

    Over the summer, Lewis and his friend Christopher Dupree, a Brooklyn rapper and model, came up with the idea.  They wanted to carry it out before Thanksgiving, but not on a heavy commuting day.

    The duo recruited Brandi “Chef Bea” Baxter to come up with a black Caribbean-inspired meal: smoked turkey necks in collard greens, mashed potatoes and more.

    “I was all for it from the jump,” Baxter, owner of Briellegance Catering Services, said Tuesday.

    Baxter lugged the food into the Union Square stop in a rolling bag and suitcase, she said, and then a fleet of friends took over their roles. Some set out gold-colored plates. Others staged the electric candles. One person was assigned trash detail.

    Approximately 40 people were served on the train according to the Chef; across eight stops.

    Flannery Foster was among them, handed a plate at Union. She really enjoyed the macaroni and cheese.

    “It was unusual. It was sweet. Everyone seemed to have a warm response,” said Foster, who owns the Goodyoga studio in Brooklyn. “It was all very safely executed. They were very conscious and welcoming.”

    Mind you, it being 2019 and people being what they too often are, a few found something to grouse about:

    Some of the celebrants received what Horton describes as “a soft admonishment from the subway transportation authority” … whatever that means.

    “The things I’ve seen on the subway? You hate to see it,” another woman wrote, apparently neglecting to explain the details of her complaint.

    By the way, what’s the Thanksgiving Day equivalent term for “Scrooge”? Just asking …

    Baxter detailed that MTA workers saw the meal being set up in the Union Square station but did not intervene. Another thing to be thankful for.

    Some of them even remarked about the good smell — not something that can be said about many New York subway cars.

    Ha! A puckish bit of Thanksgiving understatement!

    Instead of any conflict, riders laughed at the festivities and joined in. Plates of holiday specialties were passed around and compliments extended to the chefs.

    “It’s a pretty morose train,” Foster said. “It’s awful. So everyone was happy to have something pleasant to enjoy.”

    Good food, good fellowship with others, gratitude offered to the One Who makes it all possible? Why, it sounds like a Thanksgiving Day celebration! And in the heart of the New York City subway!

    Group offers Thanksgiving meal to NY subway riders

    H/T: Washington Post’/Alex Horton

    H/T: WSAV.com

    Image: Screen shot: https://www.wsav.com/news/national-news/group-offers-thanksgiving-meal-to-ny-subway-riders/

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