• Trouble in Liberal-Land? Not All Dems Are Crazy About Deval Patrick’s Run for President

    Surge Summary: Not everyone, including some Democrats, are thrilled with Deval Patrick’s late entry into their presidential nominating effort. There are a number of concerns about the former Massachusetts Governor’s bid. And at least one conservative familiar with Patrick says Trump would defeat him handily.

    Johnny-Come-Lately Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick is probably largely an unknown to most Americans: a seemingly pleasant, African-American northeast liberal — but what else? Well, not everyone – including some members of his own party – aren’t tickled with his last minute decision to stand for the nomination.

    Chad Groening/OneNewsNow updates:

    A pro-family activist says Massachusetts Democrats are not too thrilled about former Governor Deval Patrick jumping into the 2020 presidential race.

    Primary voting begins in under three months, and Patrick has just entered the contest. With close ties to former President Barack Obama, and counted among BHO’s network of advisers, he made history by becoming Massachusetts’ first black governor. But the 63-year-old pol faces significant fundraising and organizational challenges entering the prez sweepstakes at this advanced date. It looks like intra-party issues may be a problem as well.

    “The news is not being taken well by the Democratic Party here because the Democrats feel if he were to start running in New Hampshire, he would keep Elizabeth Warren from winning,” explains Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance. “He’s not getting a lot of really great response from his fellow Democrats in Massachusetts.”

    Camenker, moreover, characterizes Patrick’s time as Massachusetts Chief Executive as less than impressive: “an incredible background of incompetence and just nutty stuff.”

    “He’d be another one of those who everybody would say, ‘Boy, wouldn’t he be wonderful to run against Donald Trump,'” the conservative poses.

    But, should latecomer Patrick somehow manage to snag the nomination and ultimately face Donald Trump in the general election?  Camenker says the current president would crush him.

    H/T: Chad Groening/OneNewsNow

    Image: Adapted from: MassDOT – Former Governor Deval Patrick Speaks at Groundbreaking Event, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=70068555

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