• 5th Circuit Appeals Court Speaks: Baby-Killing Will Continue!

    Surge Summary: A 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a halt on a 15 week abortion ban, dealing a blow to pro-life hopes. The legal battle continues. 

    The Associated Press is passing along news of a setback to those seeking to save unborn children’s lives and overturn the landmark Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion nationwide: Friday, a federal appeals court declared unconstitutional Mississippi’s ban on abortion at 15 weeks.

    Newser writes:

    The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld US District Judge Carlton Reeves 2018 ruling that halted the Mississippi law from taking effect. Several states have lately been enacting laws aimed at provoking court challenges that could eventually land at the Supreme Court where, pro-lifers hope, the court’s 1973 abortion rights ruling Roe v. Wade will be overturned. The appeals court judges evinced support for Roe, stating the High Court has affirmed “a woman’s right to choose.”

    Attorneys representing the state of Mississippi had argued that the 15-week law was a regulation but not a ban, and that states are allowed to regulate abortion. A central question in the case is about viability—whether a fetus can survive outside the woman at 15 weeks. The clinic presented evidence that viability is impossible at 15 weeks, and the appeals court said the state “conceded that it had identified no medical evidence that a fetus would be viable at 15 weeks.” The only abortion clinic in Mississippi sued the state after Republican Gov. Phil Bryant signed the law. The clinic said it provides abortions until 16 weeks. Mississippi legislators then passed law to ban most abortions at about six weeks. The same federal district judge blocked that, too, and a legal fight over it continues.

    There’s actually some good news nestled in the thick of all that bad news: apparently, there is only one baby killing center left in Mississippi. Of course, part of the bad news is there still remains that one.

    In a jolting sideline to this story, the Newser account includes two AP photos. The first portrays an “abortion opponent sing[ing] to herself outside the Jackson Womens Health Organization clinic in Jackson, Miss” and displaying a sign that urges people to “Pray to End Abortion”. The second shows an “abortion rights advocate hold[ing] signage at the Capitol in Jackson, Miss.”. Her placard? It reads: “Not Today Satan”. The word “Satan” is crossed out and under it is written “GOP”.

    It’s curiously warped that the “Satan” figure in this fracas could be portrayed as the side attempting to shut down the baby-cide.

    We can add that detail to rest of the moral delusion accompanying this modern-day outrage.

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    Image: Adapted from: Karen Smits from Pixabay 

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