• A Meditation for In-between the Holidays that Just Might Help YOU

    Surge Summary: Thanksgiving Day followed by Black Friday prompts a number of thoughts that could help many of us in-between the holidays and going forward in general: helping out others, being wise in our shopping, remembering our military people, only giving appropriate gifts. 

    by Larry Usoff

    First, let’s get something straight about Thanksgiving, and the day that immediately follows, which is now called Black Friday.  Thanksgiving, if you think about it in any context at all except gorging yourself and taking a nap, is when we give thanks for all that we have…right?  The very next day, stores open in what seems to be the middle of the night, advertising prices so low that you just have to be there…and you’re willing to beat the crap out of a stranger because…well, just because you believe you need more for which to give thanks!

    Thanksgiving, along with a couple of other days, is one continuous football game after another.  It’s almost a ritual that you eat and eat, then sit back and watch football and, unless you are a rabid fan, you’ll doze off during the game.  That, my friends, is part and parcel for the day.  Would it be sacrilegious to get up off the couch or recliner and offer some help in the kitchen to clean up?  Don’t get me wrong here, I have watched some sports in my time, but never to the point where I lost track of being able to help.  I could spend a lot of time pointing out where our male population seems to have gone wrong…but that’s for another time.

    Carrying through with the theme here, let’s say we’ve been successful in getting to the store of our choice, having beaten up a few people that got in our way, and we captured the item (or items) that we “needed”.  From a safe distance, and at a reasonable time of the morning, I have been privy to seeing people trying to cram huge TV’s into automobiles that, obviously, were never meant to accommodate them.  Car roofs become the second, and sometimes disastrous, choice for transporting that large and truly un-needed item that you HAD to have…maybe at the cost of a broken digit or black eye.

    Once the thing is crammed into, or loaded on top of and tied down (hopefully the right way) then the hazardous trip home begins.  The word “slow” doesn’t seem to mean a thing to these retail-adventurers because you see them all over…hurrying home with their booty, and forgetting all about “wind resistance” or even the laws of physics…you know, that one about moving objects tending to remain moving, after you make a quick stop.  I’m sure that many a driver has been awestruck as his vehicle came to a stop at an unexpected red light, and watched that brand-new HUGE flat-screen TV go flying forward into the street.  Now, if you’re lucky, there’s no cross-traffic to run it over, but, on the other hand, will it have survived that flying trip into the street?

    This next thing is not necessarily confined to Black Friday.  I’m talking about getting something home and discovering that someone had opened the package before you got it, and either removed, or broke, something in it.  Ordinarily when this happens you can go back to the store…but almost universally, on Black Friday all sales are final, the discounts take care of any returns, so you’re stuck with this thing…that doesn’t work.   My personal experience with this situation is when I get something at a fast food drive-up window.  You simply cannot sit there and make sure that what you ordered is actually IN the bag, can you?  No.  You are a nice person so you take your food bags and drive home.  THAT is when you discover that something is amiss.  Do you go back to the restaurant?  In almost all cases you don’t…and I don’t either.  You say to yourself, or anyone who is listening, that you won’t make THAT mistake again…but you will, believe me.

    Another aspect of this holiday season, and the in-between days, is the gift that keeps on giving.  By that description it could be almost anything from a Reader’s Digest subscription, to a magazine about guns and ammunition…OR it could be that someone just KNEW you needed a pet!  They determined that your life was empty, and they had just the perfect animal to fill that emptiness.  Whoa!  Talking about the keep-on-giving aspect, have you ever followed a kitten or puppy around the house as they did their little business?  One of my friends named his puppy Mr. Fixit because he was always doing little odd jobs around the house.  It’s remarkable that this little animal can produce SO much, having eaten what appears to be so little!  Then there’s the litter box, or the daily walks, depending upon the specials you got.

    So now, your life is complete, right?   This animal, which you have come to love, is going to be in your life for years and years.  In my estimation, pets never live long enough…unless you have a turtle.

    Parting shot: How about, ON Thanksgiving Day when you’re in the bosom of your family, giving some thought to those who are much less fortunate…like homeless veterans.  These folks went out, sometimes to face an uncertain future, so that you COULD have that turkey…and buy that thing that you really didn’t need.  It would be good for your overall well-being to volunteer to do SOMETHING in this in-between time.  In any event, maybe when you get through reading this you’ll have a different idea of what to do with your time.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge. 

    Image: By Powhusku from Laramie, WY, USA – Black Friday, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36773647

    Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Makes no excuses for what I say or do, but takes responsibility for them. Duty. Honor. Country. E-mail me at: amafrog@att.net

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