• British Mother Shamed for Saying ‘Father Christmas’: Santa Now Gender-Neutral?

    Surge Summary: Some Brits are griping that their Santa Claus figure, “Father Christmas”, should henceforth be renamed “Person Christmas” – so as not to offend those who want everything to become “gender-neutral”.

    Apparently this is a true story, not satire.

    It’s getting harder and harder to tell anymore.

    The cliché is: “You can’t make this stuff up!” – but since it is a cliché, I won’t use it …

    The Blaze’s Breck Dumas reports:

    A mother from Plymouth, England, says she was scolded online for daring to mention “Father Christmas,” and informed that Santa Claus “is now seen as gender-neutral.”

    The Plymouth Herald reported on the alleged incident last week, and quoted the unnamed mother as telling them, “I’ve just been shamed [on a Facebook group] for using the name ‘Father Christmas’ and [told] that ‘Santa’ is now seen as gender neutral. I was only referring to the book … [‘Father Christmas’ by Raymond Briggs] but it’s left me a little confused/on edge about what we are [allowed] to say.”

    “Allowed to say”? Well, that’s not creepy is it? All this, putatively, because we don’t have enough actual problems in the world?

    The concerned mom, no doubt meaning well, added,

    “I have a small child and don’t really want to raise him saying ‘Father Christmas’ if it’s hurtful to some.”

    If society ever becomes stocked with a majority which falls into line with this semantic/linguistic nonsense, we will have reason to fear for the well-being of all our children.

    Anyway, because it’s how this all works these days, debate over the social media exchange has gained momentum online.

    Fox News reported some Facebook responses:

    — “Seriously! He’s a guy, quite clearly a guy. I would have bitten back by calling him St. Nicholas to be honest. The clue’s in the name, Nicholas not Nicola.”

    (This commenter is being far too rational.)

    — “Glad my kids grew up knowing Father Christmas is based on St. Nick…a man! All for personal identities and encourage it but come on! How messed up is this world we live in?”

    Answer: Very.

    It being 2019, out of the hundreds that supposedly offered their thoughts, there was at least one person who was all in on ditching the name “Father Christmas” – which is the common name for Santa in Great Britain.

    “I must be the only one who hates ‘Father Christmas,'” the anonymous user wrote, “I much prefer ‘Santa/Santa Claus,’ plus it’s easier for littles to say.”

    That, of course, is a different question. What it’s not? A squabble about the make-believe character’s gender.

    Perhaps we can take some solace that, so far, it seems the name “Father Christmas” is safe for continued use by those across the pond who want to mention him — at least for now. Mass psychosis hasn’t yet taken hold on this earth-shaking matter.

    Don’t think the dispute is laid to rest, however:

    According to UNILAD, there has been a push in the U.K. to rename “Father Christmas” as “Person Christmas,” in recent years.

    The “Christmas” piece remaining in that “gender-neutral” formulation probably shouldn’t be pointed out to the Scrooges, without which the fictional “Father Christmas”/Santa Claus thing wouldn’t even come into play at all. If this bunch ever notices that controversial word, it could become the next holiday flashpoint.

     H/T: The Blaze’s Breck Dumas

    Image: Adapted from: Colin Woodcock (publicdomainpictures.net); https://www.needpix.com/photo/1428099/santa-santaclaus-fatherchristmas-saintnick-saintnicholas-perenoel-toys-decoration-christmas

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