• Columbia Too Commie for Professor from Formerly Communist Country

    Surge Summary: A Columbia University professor originally from Romania has parted ways with the school over its growing bent toward “full blown communism”. The student body of the school indicates widespread ignorance is significantly to blame.

    Columbia University’s Professor Andrei Serban has resigned his post because the school, he says, is “on its way toward full blown communism,” The College Fix has reported.

    An award-winning Professor of Theatre Arts in the Faculty of the Arts at Columbia University, snagging several Obie and international awards for his directing performance, he also served as the general director of the Romanian National Theatre. Serban further immigrated to the United States from Romania in 1969 and then, in 1992, began a teaching stretch at Columbia University that lasted 27 years.

    Still, in a recent interview for Romanian TV, Prof. Serban revealed that two main events led up to his decision to leave Columbia University.

    The Daily Citizen’s Zachary Mettler continues:

    As the director of the hiring committee for the Arts faculty at Columbia, he was charged with hiring a new faculty member after a different professor retired. In the interview, he recounts how he was told that the committee could not hire a straight, white male to fill the open position. They were told the new professor would preferably be a woman, a lesbian, or a man who was either gay or a person of color.

    Seemingly incredulous in the interview, Prof. Serban said, “The Dean of the Art School told us that we are too many white professors, too many heterosexual men, and it would be best to hire a new educator, woman preferably, minority, and if she is gay it would be just fine, but if it’s a man, it would be preferable someone who is Latino or black.”

    Prof. Serban recalls that he asked the Dean of the Art School what the committee should do if the best qualified candidate happened to be a white male. He said he was told, “No, you cannot select this candidate.”

    Though Prof. Serban was just speaking hypothetically at the time, in the end the best qualified candidate did happen to be a straight, white male who wasn’t hired in favor of a gay, black man.

    In response to the incident, Prof. Serban says, “I felt like I was living under communism again.”

    Yet, there was another development that ultimately prompted Prof. Serban’s resignation.

    Later in the interview, he recollects that in a college admission interview, a prospective male student auditioned for the school by memorizing and preparing to recite Juliet’s monologue instead of Romeo’s. After questioning why the student decided to do so, Prof. Serban said he felt immediate hostility from the other professors on the admissions committee. He recounted that they didn’t understand why he wasn’t convinced that the student would be able to play a convincing Juliet.

    Obviously the man is a neanderthalic lout! Why would any serious artiste prefer an actual woman play Juliet?

    More troubling news has emerged from Serban’s former Ivy League employer.

    Last year, the conservative organization Campus Reform released a video it filmed on the campus interviewing students about the First Amendment. The interviewer, Chabot Phillips, offered twenty bucks to any student who could identify all five freedoms protected by that Amendment. These, of course, include the freedoms of religion, speech, the press, the right to petition the government and the right to peaceably assemble.

    Some students fell short of naming a single one. One answered, “I mean I can guess. Umm. The First Amendment. Nah.”

    The contest winner? The person who mentioned three. (Hey, you know that saying about beggars not being choosers!)

    Another student that had studied constitutional law and was currently in law school could recall only two.

    This trend goes alone with a recent poll that found increased support for communism and Marxism among millennials. The story was brought to you by The Daily Citizen.

    If the video and poll are any indication, it seems that Columbia University may need to focus more on the education of its students, specifically informing them about the freedoms they enjoy as Americans, rather than the sexual preferences of their professors.

    Richard Weaver spelled it out two generations ago: “Ideas have consequences.” That would include bad idea and profitable ideas which are kept undercover.

    Transparently, Columbia University is not exempt from the fall-out when they ignore Weaver’s counsel.

    H/T: The Daily Citizen/Zachary Mettler

    Image: Adapted from: Mailtoanton – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7667642

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