• During Season Celebrating Christ’s Birth, Pro-Aborts Feature ‘Holiday Candles’ Celebrating Baby Killing

    Surge Summary: As part of their holiday festivities, a pro-abortion group features abortion candles which mimic traditional prayer candles – underscoring the moral turpitude of the abortion movement.

    Well, you’ve gotta credit them for inventiveness, at least …

    PJ Media’s Victoria Taft tells us a pro-abortion group is prominently featuring an abortion candle on its social media pages to mock baby Jesus.

    The “holiday” candles by the “Texas Equality Access (TEA) Fund” are like the traditional prayer candles Catholics light to remember Jesus, Mary and their Saints.

    As Christians prepare to celebrate the gift of Jesus given to the world as a baby in swaddling clothes, the TEA Fund was in full mockery mode with an “abortions are magical” candle:

    The Facebook message enthuses, “Getting our holiday party favors ready! Every year we honor our volunteers and make sure they get a token of appreciation at our annual holiday party.”

    One Twitter user proposed a creative use for one of the candles:

    It’s not clear that the TEA Fund will sell the candles. Taft speculates if they did it’s possible they’d be as “hot a seller as baby body parts”. (Planned Parenthood, take note!)

    The Illinois Family Institute offered an increasingly repeated question: How did abortion go from “safe, legal and rare” to “magical.”



    We’re reminded that’s how sin works. Years ago one writer explained that’s wickedness is “fissiparous” – it divides, multiplies, spreads by fission. Sin doesn’t stand still or stay contained.

    The pro-abort outfit is allegedly helping pre-adolescent girls — as young as eleven years old — to get an abortion:

    We checked, and while we did see an “abortion sip and paint” event, there was no sign of any other candles, such as Muhammad abortion candles for Ramadan. Weird, really.

    We’re a hearty lot. We see these kinds of crazy pro-abortion stunts every year and we don’t get offended easily, but something this intentionally sacrilegious and dismissive of human life seems a bit off the Elizabeth Warren reservation.

    So while you’re scraping your jaws from the floor, let’s go to the insult tote board. We’ve got a three-fer: The group that kills babies, mocked the birth of a baby – the baby Jesus. They did it at Christmas when Christians around the world receive anew the gift of Jesus’s salvation. And then the group mocked non-Nancy Pelosi-like Catholics by designing their abortion candle to resemble traditional Catholic prayer candles. Did I miss anything?

    It sure makes you wonder if they really do believe that abortion is a sacrament in the religion of the Left.

    Here, once more, we see godless secularism’s imperishable obsession with befouling everything Christians consider holy or worthy or pure. In this case, they are attempting to transmogrify a pillar of the Christian faith and the holiday that celebrates it – the most important birth of any age; the nativity of Jesus Christ – into a shout-out to the baby-killing industry.

    These are sick and deranged people, made insane by their passion for eradicating unborn children.

    Then again, what would one expect from those who’ve given themselves to such a cause?

    H/T: PJ Media’s Victoria Taft

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