• In Great Britain: Win for Johnson, Brexit — Thumping for Corbyn, Labour and Anti-Semitism

    Surge Summary: British voters have shocked the world by once again affirming their support for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, handing his Conservative party a stunning majority in this week’s elections – and making clear they want Brexit to be implemented as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the Labour Party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, were issued a decisive defeat – as was a growing anti-Semitism movement in Great Britain.

    by Gary Bauer

    Britain Votes For Boris

    Margaret Thatcher was elected prime minister of Great Britain in 1979.  A year later, Ronald Reagan was elected president of the United States.  The two leaders enjoyed a special relationship, just as our nations have over our long history.  Together, Reagan and Thatcher lead the free world, defended free markets and brought down the Soviet Union.

    Three years ago, in spite of all elite opinion and the polls, the British people said they were sick and tired of taking orders from Brussels and being unable to control their own borders.

    They stunned the global establishment by voting for Brexit — to leave the European Union.  The vote cost Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, who opposed Brexit, his job.

    Not long after, in spite of all elite opinion and the polls, the American people stunned the establishment by voting for Donald Trump, who promised to put America First.

    But for the last three years, British and American voters have been thwarted and resisted by elites on both sides of the Atlantic who think they know better than the people.

    Like much of President Trump’s agenda, Brexit was repeatedly blocked by left-wing progressives and rebel Tories who wanted to remain in the European Union.  The impasse cost Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May her job.

    Into this leadership void stepped the populist former mayor of London, Boris Johnson.  He called for a snap election to break the gridlock.  It worked.

    Last night, British voters again defied the polls and elite opinion.  They gave Johnson, who campaigned on the theme of “Get Brexit Done,” the biggest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher.

    Some areas that had voted for the left-wing Labour Party since the 1930s swung to the Conservatives, who now control 365 seats in Parliament to 203 for Labour.

    There are other parallels too.  In Britain, there was something called “Independent Tories,” meaning Conservative sellouts who refused to follow Johnson in support of Brexit.  Here we have “Never Trumpers.”  Last night, every Independent Tory lost.

    In many respects, Britain is now divided between those who want to be European and those who want to be British.

    There was also something called the “shy Boris vote” — voters who wouldn’t tell pollsters they supported Johnson.  Pre-election polls suggested this was going to be a cliffhanger.  It wasn’t even close.

    I think something similar is happening in our polls as well.  That was certainly the case in 2016, when most polls proved to be terribly wrong.

    President Trump hailed Johnson’s smashing win and promised to pursue a massive trade deal with the United Kingdom after Boris gets Brexit done.

    Here’s to hoping that Johnson’s big conservative victory in 2019 heralds another big conservative victory in America in 2020, just like Thatcher and Reagan 40 years ago.

    The Corbyn “Bullet”

    It’s worth noting that Britain just dodged a bullet — a Marxist, anti-Semitic bullet.

    In the closing days of the campaign, Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn was crisscrossing the country promising to nationalize virtually every major industry, radically expand the welfare state and raise taxes through the roof.  To describe his platform as just socialism is a gross understatement.

    Worse, Corbyn and his party have been dogged by anti-Semitism scandals for years.  Several members of the Labour Party resigned earlier this year in protest.  Former Prime Minister Tony Blair and others have repeatedly warned against rising anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, and for good reason.

    Corbyn once referred to Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends.”  He has also attended conferences with known terrorists, and even attended a wreath-laying ceremony for Palestinian terrorists.

    Under Corbyn’s leadership, the British government launched a hate crimes investigation of the Labour Party over dozens of alleged anti-Semitic crimes.  Corbyn once even tried to downplay the significance of the Holocaust.  (By the way, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez actually endorsed Jeremy Corbyn yesterday.  Birds of feather flock together!)

    Late last month, Ephraim Mirvis, Britain’s chief rabbi, stunned many observers when he published a frank opinion piece warning against the rampant Jew-hatred that has become so prevalent within the Labour Party.  His remarks were supported by Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Church of England.

    Last night’s results were not just a win for Brexit, they were also a crushing defeat for Corbynism and a resounding rejection of anti-Semitism.

    Corbyn announced last night that he would not lead the Labour Party in another general election, but that he intended to remain as the party leader during a “process of reflection.”  We’ll see what happens in the days ahead, but there are growing calls for his immediate resignation.

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    Image: Adapted from: Steve Nimmons from UK – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=82130575

    Gary Lee Bauer is an American politician and activist, who served in the Reagan administration. He later became president of the Family Research Council and a senior vice president of Focus on the Family. In 2000, he participated in the Republican presidential contest.

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