• Kim’s Symbolic Horse Ride Suggests Big Decision Is Near

    Surge Summary: North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un takes another possibly symbolically meaningful horse ride up a mountain considered sacred in his culture. With nuclear diplomacy efforts on the line, is he sending a threatening message to Washington?

    In most contexts, this might make for an image of passing interest; a photo from another

    culture that we find curious.

    But North Korea isn’t just another context, is it …

    Newser reports:

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un trotted a horse up a mountain the other day – a white horse, in fact, up what his people consider a sacred mountain. It was his second such symbolic venture in less than two months, state media reported Wednesday. It comes at a prickly time: his country is threatening provocation if the United States refuses nuclear diplomacy concessions by year’s end to Kim’s secluded nation.

    The Korean Central News Agency released photos showing Kim riding a horse on snow-covered Mount Paektu along with his wife and other top lieutenants, also on white horses. Kim also climbed the mountain, the highest peak on the Korean Peninsula, on horseback in mid-October. Mount Paektu and white horses are symbols associated with the Kim family’s dynastic rule. Kim has made previous visits there before making major decisions.

    Kim said that “we should always live and work in the offensive spirit of Paektu,” according to KCNA. “The imperialists and class enemies make a more frantic attempt to undermine the ideological, revolutionary, and class positions of our party.”

    Ummm … okay ….

    The latest trip comes as a year-end deadline set by Kim for Washington to come up with new proposals to salvage nuclear diplomacy is approaching, the AP reports.

    The North’s Foreign Ministry rather ominously (and seasonally appropriately!) warned Tuesday it’s entirely up to the United States to choose what “Christmas gift”  North Korean will be sending us.

    “Hermit Kingdom” officials have previously emphasized whether their country lifts its moratorium on long-range missile and nuclear tests depends on what actions the US takes – because, of course, in this bizarre negotiations dance America is the erratic, homicidal element.

    Prayerfully, amidst tweets, the distraction of the current impeachment farce and spats with world leaders at the NATO Summit, the President is keeping his eye on the Far Eastern dictator on horseback.

    H/T: Newser/Wire Services

    Image: Screen Shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKs2nfU0cbQ

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