• No Gun in London? Never Fear, a Whale Tusk Might Be Handy!

    Surge Summary: Hand guns and knives are effectively outlawed in most of Great Britain – so when Londoners were attacked by a knife-wielding terrorist last week they had to resort to desperate responses in order to defend themselves. This is unacceptable in any society that calls itself civilized and grown-up.

    Another violent, apparent terror attack in Great Britain’s capital city — and another reminder of how barmy are their gun control – and knife control (!) – policies:

    Newser’s Jenn Gidman reports:

    Friday, a stabbing attack occurred at the famed London Bridge, killing two. The suspect has been identified as the now also-deceased (shot by police at the scene of the attack) Usman Khan. CNN reveals he was a 28-year-old Pakistani who’d been convicted in 2012 on terrorism offenses.

    The news outlet reports that Khan … was nabbed in a counterterrorism sweep in London in 2010 and admitted to such offenses as fundraising and recruiting for terrorist training. He pleaded guilty in 2012 and was sentenced to 16 years behind bars. However, Khan was let out early in 2018 with an ankle monitor and “on license,” similar to parole in that he had to meet certain conditions or go back to prison, per NBC News.

    So, he didn’t quite clock that sixteen-year quota the courts had assigned to him, did he? Let out ten years earlier than planned – whatever could go wrong?

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson weighed in on the failure of his nation’s penal/justice system, declaiming Khan shouldn’t have been sprung early.

    “It is very important that we get out of that habit and that we enforce the appropriate sentences for dangerous criminals, especially for terrorists,” Johnson said.

    How about we file that one under: “Ya think?!?”

    Get a load this detail:

    Meanwhile, the “everyday heroes” who helped take Khan down are being praised for their quick thinking and brave actions. The Guardian reports one man found a fire extinguisher and sprayed Khan with it before swinging it at him, while another man was seen wielding what appeared to be a white pole, but which was revealed to be a somewhat more creative weapon (this appears to be a picture of both going after Khan at the same time).

    A fire extinguisher? Those gadgets shoot out something. Sort of like a big, clunky firearm, right? – except that actual guns are oppressively regulated in England. As are knives – effectively outlawed for carrying in London, severely restricted across the rest of the nation. (Note: the letter of the law didn’t deter the bad guy here from procuring and using such a weapon.)

    Thankfully, the British authorities haven’t yet banned fire-extinguishers or the elongated front teeth of arctic marine mammals. Gidman elaborates on that last specific:

    “A guy who was with us at Fishmongers Hall took a 5′ narwhale tusk from the wall and went out to confront the attacker,” tweeted one woman who said she was at the scene.

    Give the man points for innovation!

    A 24-year-old tour manager tells the paper he stomped on Khan’s wrist after he’d been tackled to the ground to get him to drop a large knife. “I was brought up on rugby and the rule is ‘one in, all in,'” Thomas Gray says. “I did what any Londoner would do and tried to put a stop to it.”

    Actually, he did what any regrettably unarmed Londoner would do.

    On the upside, it appears Brits also maintain access to “stomping” rights. Another plus!

    Seriously: what does it say about a civilized, Western society that law-abiding folks can’t possess a handgun or knife worth the mention for protection, so they must resort to resourcefully commandeering fire-extinguishers, narwhale tusks, etc.

    This is an example of government, of elected and appointed officials, who are failing their constituents.

    H/T: Newser/Jenn Gidman

    Image: Screen Shot; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/londonterrorattacks/video-2059776/London-Bridge-heroes-tackle-terrorist-fire-extinguisher.html

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