• Pensacola, FL Airbase Shooter Was Saudi National

    An individual who, using a handgun, shot and killed three people and injured seven more Friday morning at Pensacola, Florida’s Naval Air Station has been identified as a member of the Saudi military. He was present at the base as a participant in aviation training, according to CNN.

    The suspect, specifically id’ed as Saudi national Mohammed Alshamrani,, was killed by Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputies who had responded to the active shooter situation. Two deputies who were among the injured – shot in the exchange of gunfire — are both expected to survive.

    The Blaze’s Aaron Colen provides additional details:

    The shooting began early Friday AM – before 7 AM local time — inside a classroom building. So far, the shooter’s motivation is unclear. Terrorism? Mental illness? Something else? The New York Times reports authorities are commenting it’s too early to know.

    More from Colen: The shooting comes just days after a fatal shooting at Pearl Harbor naval shipyard in Hawaii. Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly issued a statement:

    “Our entire Navy and Marine Corps team is struck and deeply saddened by the attacks within our own naval family over the past several days, at Little Creek, Virginia last week, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Wednesday, and today in Pensacola, Florida. These acts are crimes against all of us. Our prayers are with the families of the fallen and with the wounded. It is our solemn duty to find the causes of such tragic loss and ceaselessly work together to prevent them. Let us make concerted efforts to care for the families of those lost, and those wounded, visibly and not. Let us shepherd them through these first moments of despair, and make them, and our greater Naval family, whole and strong.”

    The FBI is now working with the Saudi Arabian government to gain more information about the suspected shooter. Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud said he has offered full cooperation “with the relevant American agencies to access all information that helps in revealing the circumstances of this incident.”

    President Donald Trump’s statement regarding this incident:

    “I can tell you it’s a horrible thing that took place, and we’re getting to the bottom of it,” Trump said Friday. “All of the investigators are there now, and they’re studying it very closely. And a terrible thing, and our condolences go to the families and to everybody involved, including the wounded. We have some badly wounded people also. And we have to extend our condolences to them and we’ll be working with them all very closely.”

    Let us pray for the families of the deceased and wounded, and for the quick and full recovery of those injured in this attack.

    H/T: The Blaze/Aaron Colen

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    Image: Screen Shot; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpHhY8uXPXU

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