• Sons Of Liberty Prepping for FB Lawsuit – Issue Notice & Demand To Preserve Evidence

    Surge Summary: The website Sons of Liberty is laying the groundwork for a lawsuit against social media giant Facebook, claiming they violated a number of laws, purposely limiting the conservative organizations reach in spite of taking their advertising dollars which they said would expand their audience. 

    by Tim Brown

    In September, The Sons of Liberty put Facebook on notice that their conduct appeared to “violate various state and federal laws, anti-trust, consumer protection and fraud.”  Now the ministry overseen by preacher Bradlee Dean is taking the next step in the process to lay a foundation for a lawsuit against the social media giant that continues to target their Facebook page and individual posts.

    In a certified letter, which served as a notice and demand to preserve evidence, dated December 10, 2019 to Facebook Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, D. Colton Boyles informed Facebook that Boyles Law, PLLC represents The Sons of Liberty in a dispute with Facebook that arose out of “Facebook’s throttling of the Sons of Liberty’s reach, Facebook’s discriminatory disapproval of Sons of Liberty advertisements, Facebook’s repeated thirty-day bans, and Facebook’s unfair increase in Sons of Liberty advertising costs.”

    Boyles wrote, “This notice and demand to preserve evidence supplements our previous correspondence to You on September 4, 2019…”

    Boyles reminded Facebook of the previous letter that was sent to them in September in which he reminded the publicly held company that they have been the recipients of a substantial sum of money in advertising from The Sons of Liberty over the course of several years as part of a business investment in SonsOfLibertyMedia.com.

    “However, you now solicit the Sons of Liberty to advertise with you and to pay money in exchange for boosting reach while simultaneously disapproving its ads and surreptitiously restricting its reach,” the letter read.  “The Sons of Liberty relied on your representations and warranties in deciding to purchase your advertising and boost its reach, representations and warranties which you have breached.”

    The firm then laid claim to Facebook’s deceitful practices and criminal activities, in much the same terms as investigative journalist Laura Loomer did in her $3,000,000,000 lawsuit against Facebook.

    The Sons of Liberty appears to have been misled by you into building your services into its business model and believing that the boosts and ads it purchased would place the Sons of Liberty on the same playing field as other organizations vying for user interaction,” the firm writes.  “Your conduct toward the Sons of Liberty as we understand it also appears to violate various state and federal laws, including, inter alia, provisions of federal and state anti-trust, consumer protection, and fraud in the inducement statutes.”

    At that time, a demand was made upon Facebook for full restoral of the Sons of Liberty account, removal of restrictions and disapproving of totally appropriate ads that are “within the acceptable bounds” of Facebook’s policies.

    Boyles informed Facebook that both he and The Sons of Liberty have noticed drastic increases in advertising costs compared to what they were paying prior to the letter, as well as a decrease in friends and following.

    The Sons of Liberty believe they are being targeted by Facebook and its agents due to its members’ political ideology, religious creed, ancestry, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, race and/or color.

    In just one instance that was noted in the December letter, Boyles wrote:

    “You disapproved an advertisement that contained a picture of and quote by George Washington.  You also disapproved an advertisement that contains a verse of Scripture.  Your conduct is unconscionable and outrageous, and we now interpret it to be malevolent and conspiratorial based upon the continued nature of the interference and Your refusal to communicate with the Client in response to its requests to troubleshoot and resolve these issues.”

    Boyles then said that he anticipates legal action will short be taken by the Firm on behalf of The Sons of Liberty and have put Facebook on notice of that, indicating that Facebook “may be in possession of evidence related to the client’s claims and damages, which are substantial and continuing.”

    From electronically stored information to computer systems to paper records, telephone records, texts, emails, instant messaging, email attachments and other documentation, as well as hard drives and other means of storage that would record metrics, traffic and engagements are to be preserved in light of forthcoming litigation against Facebook.

    Boyles specifically stated that Facebook is obligated to preserve the following:

    • You are required to preserve all metrics data for any and all of the Clients accounts;
    • You are required to preserve all electronic devices that contain data relevant or potentially relevant to this matter, whether currently in use or not, including any and all portable devices that contain or may contain relevant or potentially relevant data;
    • You are required to preserve any and all internet usage data stored locally or otherwise including but not limited to browser logs, history data and internet ‘cookies’;
    • You are required to preserve any and all system files and logs generated on or relating to individual computer systems and their usage;
    • You are required to halt any process that destroys data, including but not limited to data destruction procedures (manual or automatic) and backup cycling;
    • You are required to preserve all relevant or potentially relevant hardware; and
    • You are required to preserve any and all systems used to make data readable or usable including, but not limited to, passwords, encryption schemes, proprietary hardware or databases, or specialized software or hardware needed to render data readable.

    The Sons of Liberty have previously sued Rachel Maddow of MSNBC for defamation when the host took Bradlee Dean’s words and twisted them in order to push a story.

    Now, it appears the organization has drawn the line in the sand with Facebook and are prepared to strike to ensure the law is upheld and the truth prevails.

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    Image: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images; http://thebluediamondgallery.com/legal/lawsuit.html; 

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