• The Grinchy Freedom from Religion Foundation Lies to Elementary School

    Surge Summary: The despicable, radical-atheist Freedom from Religion Foundation lied to an Oklahoma elementary school, telling them their sponsorship of a live nativity scene was illegal. The truth is, when the FFRF brought a similar case against an Indiana school in 2015 … they lost.
    The militant secularists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have stolen Christmas from some children in Oklahoma this year.  Several weeks ago, the radical group told school administrators that the live nativity in Chisholm Elementary School’s holiday concert was illegal and unconstitutional.  As proof, the foundation cited a case it brought against an Indiana school in 2015.

    Just think that about.  With all the challenges facing our children, some Americans are on a search-and-destroy mission trying to locate third graders dressed up as wise men and angels.

    Kudos to Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel for offering their services pro bono to the school board to fight this outrageous attack on religious liberty.  As Staver noted, the Freedom From Religion Foundation actually lied to school administrators by failing to inform them that the foundation lost its 2015 case!

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