• The U.S. Energy ‘Miracle’ Debunks the ‘Scienctific’ Experts … Again

    Surge Summary: The scientific “experts” have managed to get lots and lots wrong about energy and the energy industry. The forces of “doom and gloom” fall short again.

    by Gary Bauer

    As the debate over climate change continues to rage, I was struck by some recent figures showing what a tremendous miracle has occurred in the U.S. energy industry — and how all the so-called “experts” were so wrong.  For example:

    • In 2010, the Obama Administration predicted that the U.S. oil production would flatline at roughly six million barrels of oil a day.  We’re producing twice that today.
    • As a result of dwindling supply, oil was predicted to be more than $100 a barrel.  Today it’s about $61 a barrel.
    • The Obama Administration predicted similar stagnant production levels for natural gas.  Today, we’re producing about two-thirds more than expected.
    • And what about carbon emissions?  Surely all this energy production must be bad for the environment, right?  Carbon emissions are actually down.

    Once again, the gloom and doom of the left has failed to materialize, while innovation and the free market are working wonders for our economy and our quality of life!

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    Image by Laura Upshaw from Pixabay 

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