• Virginia Gun-Owners Imaginatively Counter Democrats’ Anti-2A Aggressiveness

    Surge Summary: Newly Democrat-controlled Virginia is threating to clamp down on its residents’ Second Amendment rights. Citizens of the State are rising up and opposing in bracing ways.

    Following last month’s elections, Virginia’s General Assembly switched over to blue for the first time in 25 years. Many new lawmakers — and the state’s re-elected Governor Ralph Northam — promised “swift” action on guns. On controlling them, that is.

    Well, Americans being Americans – even in steadily purpling Virginia — residents of the state aren’t just grumping, but jumping to action; coming up with locally focused solutions to these anti-Second Amendment enthusiasms.

    The Resurgent’s Gabriella Hoffman reports:

    In response to gun control-backed lawmakers winnings seats in both the State Senate and House of Delegates, many counties have preemptively voted to make their localities Second Amendment sanctuary counties.

    As of this writing, 15 counties—and possibly 16 by the afternoon—will be 2A sanctuaries:

    Some figure there’s enough momentum to recall Governor Northam and other politicians in wake of their Constitution-violating gun-control efforts, but Hoffman calls this hope “a pipe dream and will never happen.”

    Virginia, like Montana, can only recall politicians through state statutes and not constitutional law, as Ballotpedia explains. If citizens successfully get a recall petition, it then moves to [its] state’s Circuit Courts. Plus, if blackface and infanticide scandals couldn’t force him out, nothing will.

    That said, Democratic flipping efforts have been apparent for quite a while now – prompting this query: Where were conservatives and Republicans this last electoral go-round? And what have they been doing for the previous decade? Or two? Or three?

    Why weren’t state Republicans combatting these flipping attempts? Did they underestimate their seriousness? Why did they not constantly drum down Northam’s, Fairfax’s, and Herring’s scandals in election ads more this past cycle?

    Gun control groups affiliated with new Democrat 2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg spent $2.5M to flip the legislative chambers blue, while the NRA only pumped in a mere $300K into races. Where were these gun groups?

    On Hoffman’s podcast this week, she unpacked the problems with 2020 legislative session gun control bills recently made public. She also offered three ways for fellow Virginians to fight back.

    The three suggestions included:

    1. Urging their counties to become Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

    2. Attending VCDL’s Lobby Day on January 20, 2020, in Richmond, VA.

    3. Getting involved in local races and holding lawmakers’ feet to the fire.

    One estimate is roughly 29 percent of the state’s population is gun-owners. 635,000 of its residents possess concealed handgun permits. The commonwealth can boast the safest living conditions of the Greater D.C. Metro Area — versus Maryland and Washington, D.C. In fact, despite Virginia’s growing leftward-list, it remains positive-gun-culture territory.

    “These flipping efforts and corresponding gun control pushes can come to a red or purple state near you,” cautions Gabriella Hoffman.  “It’s important to get involved and fight back these efforts.”

    And, to their credit, it looks like a healthy chunk of the liberty-loving denizens of the Old Dominion are modeling her counsel. It’s the principle of federalism at work in a pressingly current issue. How refreshing!

    Lots of other states, many other population groups, need to follow the example of these stalwart Virginians and challenge the anti-American impulses of the tyrannical Left.

    H/T: The Resurgent’s Gabriella Hoffman

    Image: https://twitter.com/CamEdwards/status/1199336158913806336

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