• Vox Media Fires Writers over California ‘Gig Economy’ Law — Thanks a Lot Gov’t!

    Surge Summary: A new law in California targeting the “gig” economy has caused Vox Media to lay off many “independent contractor” writers. Via social media, the effected parties are registering their frustration at this government-generated problem.

    Hundreds of California freelance writers were handed decidedly bad tidings days ahead of Christmas when Vox Media informed them they’d be losing their jobs because of a new “gig economy” law which had been developed to target Uber and Lyft.

    Carlos Garcia/The Blaze writes:

    “This is a bittersweet note of thanks to our California independent contractors,” said SB Nation executive director John Ness in a statement published on Monday. [SB Nation is a Vox-owned sports-blogging site.]

    “In 2020, we will move California’s team blogs from our established system with hundreds of contractors to a new one run by a team of new SB Nation employees,” he explained.

    California Assembly Bill 5 forced this change. It will go into effect in 2020 and, per Garcia,

    is intended to force “gig economy” giants like Uber and Lyft to pay their drivers as if they’re employees and provide more benefits. But it is also affecting other freelance workers and causing confusion among employers.

    Ahh, that old law of unintended consequences …

    In a separate memo, Ness commented that writers could continue writing for the sports website, but without expectation of payment for their services.

    Well … that’s one approach, isn’t it …

    Bear in mind, this is all the fault of California’s government.

    Some, as ought to be expected, took to social media to lodge their outrage and denounce the decision.

    “Today, along with literally HUNDREDS of my colleagues, I was told that I can no longer hold a paid position at SB Nation. California, you’re breaking my heart (and taking my money),” tweeted Rebecca Lawson.

    “Incredibly frustrating day today,” tweeted Tucker Partridge. “Vox has decided to cancel all of its contracts for California workers. I’m one of those, despite running an Arkansas site.”

    “Did Vox just fire the entire Golden State of Mind staff via Twitter?” one headline wondered.

    “After toeing the line between volunteers, and underpaid contributors, it looks like Vox Media just axed our entire staff without notice… a week before Christmas.”


    And, because no matter how odious and onerous a State mandate might be there are always some who’ll blindly uphold Leftist, paternalistic ideology, others insisted the firings were worth the sacrifice: Sure, jobs were lost; but the ones that remained provided better pay and benefits.

    Now, if only there were enough of those “gigs” so everyone could enjoy one …

    H/T: Carlos Garcia/The Blaze

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