• While He’s Condemning the President, Editor of Christianity Today Might Want to Examine His Own Heart

    Surge Summary: The editor of Christianity Today recently wrote that Donald Trump needs to be removed from office and Christians who continue to support him are betraying God. Obviously, many Bible-believing Christians choose to differ. 

    According to the editor of Christianity Today, if you support President Trump and consider yourself a Christian, you have betrayed God the Father.

    In a recent article, editor-in-chief Mark Galli insists the president be removed from office, and if you disagree, you are not loyal to the Creator, he argues.

    (This line of reasoning is of course accompanied by obligatory phrases endorsing tolerance, diversity and . . . love.)

    Disloyalty translates easily to heresy, yes?

    Would the editor leverage political differences to launch an inquisition?

    The editor is also frantically concerned about evangelicalism’s status in the public eye so long as Christians continue supporting this president.

    Let’s keep in mind, the president has been accused, not indicted, and not convicted, but merely accused.  It is also constructive to remember the president has repented of his past life and in this present time his achievements must be acknowledged, in fairness. As many others have pointed out, no president has been more effective in defending life in the womb, defending traditional morality, defending religious liberty, and promoting God-given rights, among them, the presumption of innocence.

    Our Lord was accused — not indicted, not convicted. It would appear true that any spirit-filled believer would be sensitive to these dimensions of the situation, an escalating spiritual battle in the age-old war between good and evil.

    Furthermore, firmly planted believers know that Jesus Christ is fully capable of defending and preserving his reputation without our help. Is the editor most concerned about evangelicalism, or the Lord’s reputation?

    Does he doubt the Lord’s ability to preserve his own reputation?  Was the Lord’s reputation compromised by Barack Obama and the Christian support he enjoyed, support he curried by deception?  Did Christianity Today rage against blatant evil displayed during that administration?

    The editor also reserves the right to judge the president and condemn him a sinner. As a Christian sinner (a heretic?) supportive of this president, I’m reminded the Scripture warns me not to judge the status of another’s soul, as that is God’s exclusive province.

    The Scripture also commands me to respect civil authority and pray for all in power, knowing they are there to promote the general welfare.

    The Scripture also warns me to let God be God, that He reserves to himself judgment and punishment.

    So it seems the editor is operating contrary to certain passages of Scripture. He would, therefore, be wise to repent and deal with his own sin rather than throw gasoline on the fire, a divisive act also condemned by Scripture.

    As many responsible and respected evangelical leaders believe this president is a God-send, perhaps the editor of CT will take his concerns to the Lord, inquiring as to a potential lack of faith.

    Finally, since the editor demands the president be removed from office based on false allegations and a rigged system, is he in his grandiose way urging us to employ corruption to fight corruption, real or imagined?

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge. 

    Image: CC0 Creative Commons; Adapted from: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1575611

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