• Despite Dems’/Media’s Worst Efforts: Plurality of Amercans Credit Trump for Strong Economy

    Surge Summary: Despite the tireless Democrat attacks on President Donald Trump and Leftist Media’s efforts against him, a recent poll finds a plurality of the American people credit Trump for the strong economy.

    by William Pauwels

    A recent Fox News poll revealed, “Voters give the economy its best ratings in nearly two decades in the latest Fox News Poll — and credit President Trump.”

    All this in spite of 78 days in which the House Impeachment-Democrats have pounded on President Trump for LAWFUL actions they dislike.  This was preceded by three years of Dem/Leftist-Media smear-everything-Trump biased coverage.

    Even now in the Senate – as of this writing — the Dems/Leftist-Media have had the spotlight for 3-days, compared to 2-hours of feeble, Republican, pro-Trump coverage.

    Frankly, this situation has been so lopsided against President Trump that it’s a miracle that he hasn’t resigned.

    One must ask why have House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump without a shred of documentable evidence of a crime or misdemeanor?  And why did they take-up three days in the Senate to repeat their unsubstantiated charges?  Clearly this is part of their three-year smear-everything-Trump strategy to regain the White House in 2020.

    And why has the Leftist mainstream media gone overboard in their support of the Democrat’s anti-Trump strategy?

    Clearly, Trump is a giant of a man — with a record of courage and accomplishments unprecedented in peacetime presidential history.  Never in the history of the world has a nation enjoyed three years of prosperity equivalent to the past three years under Trump’s professional management skills and effective leadership.

    And this is driving the Democrat Party nuts!

    Under these extremely biased circumstances, it’s amazing the current polls have been as favorable toward Trump as reported.  Think about it.  When you recognize that 30 to 40% of the population are relatively under-informed and respond emotionally to poll-takers — the results are even more astounding.  

    Clearly, President Trump is strongly opposed to Democrat/media Leftism and is an effective, proactive supporter of the traditional American-Way.  Furthermore, Trump does not rely on the news media to get his message out to the public. Rather, he communicates his thinking and values himself via Twitter, rallies, television, and personal interviews.

    Come election day in November 2020, I believe voters will be better informed.  They will come to recognize just how outstanding President Trump’s professional leadership and administration have been — in every measurable statistic.  The majority will be significantly better off and will vote to preserve the positive prosperity-trend under President Trump.

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: CCO Public Domain; https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1447183

    William A. Pauwels, Sr. was born in Jackson Michigan to a Belgian, immigrant, entrepreneurial family. Bill Pauwels is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and served in executive and/or leadership positions at Thomson Industries, Inc., Dow Corning, Loctite and Sherwin-Williams. He is currently CIO of Pauwels Private Investment Practice. He’s been commenting on matters political/economic/philosophical since 1980.

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