• ‘Dolittle’ is Bad Because: Animals Ought to Hate People?

    Surge Summary: One film critic dissed the new film Dolittle because the animals in it are insufficiently antagonistic toward nasty human beings. Seriously.

    Robert Downey Jr.’s latest film, the just released  Doolittle, is cringing under withering reviews – criticisms of its uninspired CGI effects, the star’s lackluster performance (including his muddled attempt at a Welsh accent), unoriginal and lazy flatulence humor, etc., etc. The movie’s opening weekend box-office performance was, accordingly, limp – if not quite as limp as predicted in the wake of the critics’ savagery.

    That said, who could have foreseen this poke from Lara Zarum writing over at the Globe and Mail:

    [H]er main gripe is with the way the animals are “reduced to wisecracking helpmeets for the swashbuckling doc”. “There’s something outrageous, at this particular moment in time, about a fantasy wherein animals eagerly and unquestionably assemble to help save the lives of people,” [Newser/Arden Dier]

    Because people are the pits? Bi-pedal trash who deserve to be eaten by wild beasts rather than abetted by them?

    It’s the kind of knock against a theatrical release that could only emerge with straight face in 21st-century Western Civilization: Human beings are the problem on the planet, you see, the globe’s villains, so an “unwoke” Hollywood blockbuster wannabe that suggests otherwise is to be reprehended.

    Zarum’s reasoning is a grotesque and farcical example of how really discombobulated are the virtues and priorities of modern pop culture. I’d be thrilled to discover she expends as much emotional angst over the legal right around the world for a parent to extinguish his/her unborn baby – but I won’t hold my breath waiting.

    Multitudes who sanctimoniously raise the battle cry supporting legalized abortion simultaneously shed tears over baby seals or abused puppies or, as we see here, animals which fail to loath persons as much as they do.

    That whole thing about people being made in God’s image and charged with stewardship over the rest of His creation? (Genesis 1: 26-28). We’re supposed to scrap all that, it seems.

    Perhaps sane individuals should disregard the other calumnies being heaped on Dolittle and buy a ticket to see it if only to support a piece of entertainment that suggests, apparently, the human race might be worth something after all.

    H/T: Newser/Arden Dier

    Image: By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62045327

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